RECAP: Romance Slam Jam 2014

Now that Romance Slam Jam has ended, I can return back to my regularly scheduled program. But before I do, I wanted to just recap on what a amazing conference it was! I found out about RSJ at another authors conference last year and I can't believe how underrated this conference is--particularly for MC romance. Slam Jam is a reader-author conference that I believe everyone who enjoys romance should attend.

So what did I do while at #RSJ14? Here is a list of some of the fun festivities I participated in--and experienced--during my 5 day stay in NOLA!
Me and Sienna Mynx!
  • Attended lots of informative workshops--for both authors and readers!
  • Got caught in the middle of a great storm and landed in a Sippin & Seersucker party at a mall, lol
  • Met so many great readers and some wonderful authors, including Farrah Rochon, Angie Daniels, Yvette Hines, Sienna Mynx, Seressia Glass, Sherelle Green, and THE Beverly Jenkins!
  • Ate some delicious beignets--though they weren't the CafĂ© du Monde kind =(
  • Sold all 6 of my books at the Author Meet & Greet with the help of the wonderful Sienna Mynx!
After party--New Orleans style!
This was a jam packed week and I'm so happy I went. Romance Slam Jam '15 here I come! =)