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"We Own the Night"

Amber stared back at the midnight dark eyes that bore into her as she reached for the phone. She should have been used to the detective’s piercing gaze by now but tonight it was different. More predatory. She tore her eyes away and flipped open the cellphone. “Hello, Austin?” A grunt followed by heavy breathing vibrated through the phone. “Austin?” A chill ran through Amber’s veins when a low husky voice spoke through the phone. “No, honey, Austin's a little... preoccupied right now.” The woman on the other end spoke with slight amusement and all thought fled Amber’s mind. She gripped the phone and willed her voice to sound calm yet firm. “Where’s Austin?” The woman laughed. "Don’t worry, honey. He's alive... for now.” Amber's arm went slack and she stared at the phone as if she didn’t recognize its purpose. Marc immediately grabbed the phone from her hand and pushed a button. The woman’s cool, throaty voice filled the room. “...depends on you.” Marc shoved the pho

"Killer Legs"

Marc sat in the only chair in the small motel room. Amber, now fully clad in jeans and a simple top, sat on the bed with her leg tucked underneath her. Try as he might, he couldn't shake the sight of her smooth dark skin against the furry white towel. She had stood there, all silk and softness, and it had been like a jolt to his senses. He almost forgot his purpose there. But her exasperated sigh quickly drew him out of his daze. “Look, I'm sorry I left the station like that but like I said, I had no choice.” “Yeah you do. But you choose not to trust me.”  She shook her head, resigned. “You don't understand.” Marc sat back and studied her. She appeared anxious. And defeated. Taking another look another around the room, he couldn’t suppress the frustration that rose in him. “Is this the life you want for yourself? Being holed up in a seedy motel, constantly on the run?” The rustic bedside lamp illuminated the faded wallpaper and brown carpeting that decorated the smal