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Halloween Contest with Romance Junkies!

Romance Junkies is throwing a month long Halloween Contest and you're all invited! You can entered to win a $5 Amazon gift card and a free e-copy of my debut novella, Because You Love Me . Simply click on the icon on the right, read an except from my novella, and answer my trivia question.   Here's how to play: To enter contests for the newsletter, the contestant must send an email to with the author's or publisher's name in the subject line. Answer the trivia question and please include your mailing address so if you're chosen, we can email the author immediately. Each prize entry must be a separate email sent with the above information.   There are more author's to discover and goodies to win. Click here to find them. (Hint, I'm the wolf with the party blower...)     Contest ends November 29, 2012    

Six-month Anniversary of Debut Release!

Today marks the 6-month release anniversary of my debut novella,  Because You Love Me. And what better way to celebrate then with my first author interview with author, Nett Robbens! Please stop by and check out my take on "Love, Plotting, and 'New Age' Publishing" . And if you haven't already, check out Sabrina and Jake's story !  

"Where in the World..." Blog Hop Contest -- Win a FREE eBook!

Secret Cravings authors come from all around the world... Can you guess where? Can you guess what state I'm originally from?    "Occasionally referred to as New York's 6th borough..."    "Notorious criminals have known to come from, pass-thru, or live there..."    "Home to space shuttles, gators, and the most popular mice on the planet..." Leave a comment below with your best guess and those with the correct answer will be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of my novella, Because You Love Me . Also, click on the map to hop over to the other SCP author blogs and take your guess. Each author is giving away a prize so don't miss out! Sabrina Monroe and Jake Landon are caught in a tug of war between love and trust... A hurt Sabrina wants nothing more than to forget about Jake and the fierce love they once shared. A wary yet determined Jake wants to bury the past and start anew. When old feelings and desires are reawakened

SUPERNATURAL - My 8 Favorite Quotes!

The Winchester brothers are back - finally! And to celebrate tonight's premiere of Supernatural Season 8 , I've listed 8 of my favorite lines/quotes from some of the show's dynamic characters. Gotta love great dialogue. Enjoy! "I'm gonna fry her up extra-crispy." -Dean "Idjit." -Bobby "Your peanut butter has been in my chocolate for far too long." -Crowley " Son-na-va-BITCH!" -Dean "Yeah Dean, I think 6 seconds is too soon." -Sam "Balls" -Bobby "Death is our bitch." -Dean " Bollucks." -Crowley What's your favorite??

Tuesday's Tale: "Dog"

Thanks for stopping by and reading another excerpt from my short romance, The Flower Queen . Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~ The pounding came again and Gina jumped out of the bed. She was still a bit disoriented but ran to the door. The cool air of the hotel room brushed against her bare skin and she realized she was just about to answer the door in her underwear. She stopped at the closet and grabbed the robe hanging alone inside. The pounding came again as she belted the sash. “Coming!” she shouted. There had better be a fire, she thought disgruntled. Gina swung the door open and her heart skipped then dropped. She was now fully awake but words escaped her. Gabe stepped into the room, forcing her to move back then shut the heavy hotel door behind him. He appeared disheveled, a shadow of a beard forming on his hard, chiseled jaw. His clear gray eyes held a hard glint as frustration emanated from him. And despite her conflicting emotions, her body still ached for him in a way that