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New Cover Revealed!

New book cover for: BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE Available March 2013 through Secret Cravings Publishing Click here for blurb! 

Guest Blogging at Dawn's Reading Nook!

Check out a unique list of Valentine gift ideas. It's not too late to get your special someone something fun, creative, and from the heart! This way to Dawn's Reading Nook.

Tuesday's Tale: "Gift Box"

  "Mya and the Officer"   What a crock. That old Indian woman didn't know what she was talking about. Mya would find love again. It was just a matter of where . Mya got back into her red and black Jeep Wrangler and sped off onto the highway. It was her own fault for stopping at the little souvenir shop and letting the old woman lead her into the store's back room where she had parted with her last twenty dollars only to hear prophecies of a troubled future, a nonexistent love life, followed by a complimentary red box of chocolate cherries. But it was Valentine’s Day and what Mya really wanted to know was if she would ever find her true Prince Charming. And if so, she hoped he was somewhere in Phoenix. Lost in her overactive imagination, she didn’t realize how fast she was going until it was too late. Red and blue lights flashed behind her and she groaned when the sirens sounded. “Oh, come on,” she muttered. But she knew the drill. She reduc