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"The Brightest Day" Coming Soon!

We're about a month away from the release of THE BRIGHTEST DAY, my upcoming MC/IR historical romance anthology with authors Kianna Alexander, Alyssa Cole, and Piper Huguley--and from the stories I beta-read by my fellow co-authors, I can assure you this anthology is going to be a real treat! Though each story is written in different time periods, each of the heroines share inner strength yet a hidden fragility that makes them unique to their time and the right kind of woman for their heroes. Let's see if I can sum up each novella in one long sentence... In my novella, Amazing Grace , Gracie is torn between fulling her promise or following her heart; in Drifting to You , Rosie finds love and healing in the arms of her sexy suitor; Missy, in A Sweet Way to Freedom , teaches her former lover--and the father of her unborn child--just what it means to love and be loved; and Sofie, in Let It Shine , set out to make a difference and find love and redemption along the way. Each s

#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #3

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #89! Spanish Nights  (book #9 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set) By Valerie Twombly Ten silent minutes later, she finally reached her front door. She slipped the key into the lock and turned the handle. The door opened to reveal a darkened room and she could hardly wait to escape back into it. She wondered if the entire trip was a waste. Good manners had her turning around to face the sexy man who'd towered beside her all day. “Thank you again. It was lovely.” His hands gripped her upper arms and his body pinned her against the doorjamb. His lips crashed down on hers. Bruising. Demanding. His tongue pushed passed and swept into her mouth. He tasted of danger and sin and she wanted to swallow him whole. Every lean hard muscle of his chest pushed into her breasts causing them to ache. Her nipples pebbled against her bathing suit and begged to have his hot tongue glide across them. His erection, thick and hard, pressed into her belly. She wante

#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #2

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #88! Mr. Right Now  (book #10 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set) By Kristina Knight       His chest was tanned and strong, giving her the impression that he worked outside, shirtless. A lot. Construction, maybe? God have mercy on the women in his neighborhood. A light layer of hair trailed in a V from his pecs to disappear in a point below the waistband of his jeans. Like a treasure map. She chuckled.       “What?”       “I was just thinking how many times a pirate and his lady may have done this on the deck of a ship in the middle of the Caribbean.”       “You are an odd woman.”       She watched him from under her lashes for a moment. “And you’re a little bit of a pirate. Kissing me in the elevator. Seducing me away from my room.”       His stomach muscles bunched as she raked her fingernails over his heated skin. “Personally, I’ve always thought of myself as a privateer,” he said and easily flipped her onto her back and pressing his th

"A Sweet Surrender" Re-release!

My debut historical romance, A Sweet Surrender , has been re-released with a never-before-published prologue! In celebration of the return of the popular AMC show, TURN: Washington Spies , I have decided to release it early. Originally published in the anthology, FOR LOVE & LIBERTY , my novelette, like the show, is set during the American Revolution in 1777 and features a wounded British grenadier solider and a mixed Native American woman who cares for him during his injury. The research for this story was very intriguing and it's fun to see a lot of what I discovered of the Revolutionary War being represented on the screen. Amazon | Nook | ARe  | Google As for the show, it premieres tonight at 8pm EST with a 2-hour showing. Can't wait!

#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #1

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #87! Earlier this week, I announced the pre-order launch of our sweet and sexy bundle, SHADES OF DESIRE . To keep the excitement going until release week, I will be featuring a sexy excerpt every Saturday of each book from our box set. This Saturday, I kick off my "sexy tour" with my novel, His Bedpost Queen . Enjoy! His Bedpost Queen (book #5 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set) By Lena Hart Her breasts pressed against his hard chest. The sensation had her holding her breath. His warm, smoky scent wrapped around her, and her heart thudded in her ears—from both fear and excitement. Having sex with him hadn’t been part of the plan, but the thought of taking all that power and strength inside her was extremely arousing. She smiled. “Then what are you waiting for?” she asked softly, gliding her fingers further down to his muscled abdomen. The desire in his eyes blazed through the dimness in the room.   Pre-order today for only $.99

Authors in Bloom Blog Hop!

Welcome to the 4th annual Authors in Bloom blog hop! This unique blog hop is where authors share their gardening tips or favorite recipes. To celebrate the launch of my latest project, the SHADES OF DESIRE bundle, (and because I have such a weakness for sweets) I'm featuring 10 great baking tips from professional bakers, food bloggers and recipe developers to help you make very yummy desserts! Ten titillating tales from USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors. Step into the world of some of the freshest voices in romance. From spicy secrets to sweet second chances. Come find your perfect shade of desire. **Get it now for only $.99!** Amazon  | iBooks | Kobo |  ARe  | B&N | Google   10 Secret Baking Tips 1. “The most important choice a baker can make is to use unsalted butter. Even better, use European-style unsalted butter.” — Christina Tosi, Pastry chef at Momofuku, from Baking Tips From Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi 2. “I do not go chea