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The Science of Orgasms

Now, I tend to use YouTube for research but then I get distracted and forget why I'm on there in the first place! And I have videos like The Science of Orgasms to blame. I can't remember what I was researching before I landed to this video but it's been very informative, lol. Who knew science could be so sexy, indeed! Happy Friday ;)

Just Jokes!

Father : Why is your face covered with food? Son : I was doing what mommy told me to do. Father :  And what did she tell you to do? Son : To shut my mouth and eat my food. This so sounds like something Mikey, Mia and Nate's adorable 4-year old from Because This Is Forever , would say, lol.

Winter Wonder Man Hop: My 5 Fav Hollywood Heartthrobs

Welcome to my blog and the Winter Wonder Man blog hop! In this hop we are celebrating the heroes in movies or books who make our heartthrob and our toes curl. I have to admit, many of my male heroes are inspired by Hollywood's sexiest. But if I listed all the men in Hollywood that make my toes curl, this post would be never ending. So I chose my top five sexy Hollywood heroes that has not only been an inspiration to my own book heroes, but they have also made me laugh, cry, and sigh all in the same movie. And believe me, they come in many flavors. =) Idris Elba. This man is too hot for words. I love how versatile his movie/TV roles are, whether it's Luther, Mandela, or his quick stint in the Office, he always delivers. Then again, with that sexy, deep baritone voice, chocolate skin, and of course sexy body, he can sell me on anything. *swoons* Leonardo DiCaprio. Unbelievably talented. I just love watching him transform and bring me into his character's world.

Happy 2014! My Top 14 Goals

Happy New Year! I'm super excited for 2014 and can't wait to see what this year holds for me. I have many things planned--both personally and professionally--and I look forward to watching them unfold and come to fruition! Though I've gone through enough New Year Resolutions to realize that they sometimes don't work, I do have goals I would love to accomplish this coming year. My top 14 goals for 2014 are: 14. Get organized 13. Open my blog to guest authors 12. Grow my list of subscribers 11. Continue to improve my craft 10. Become more physically active 9. Become a PAN member for RWA 8. Participate in an anthology 7. Attend more reader conferences 6. Start a street team 5. Travel more, travel far 4. Adopt a healthy lifestyle 3. Establish my direct publishing company 2. Self-publish 4 novellas and 2 novels 1. Celebrate the small successes and remember the positive moments I hope to accomplish most, if not all, of these goals. I plan to work hard, enjo