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My Sexy Saturday #61

Here's a steamy mini-excerpt from my new release, QUEEN OF HIS HEART . ~~~ “Just a taste,” he whispered thickly. Her hips lifted slightly, allowing the delicate material to be pulled away from her body. There was a strong pulsing inside her and she wanted him to ease the insistent throbbing. She wanted it badly. The red panties slipped to the floor and he gently pulled her hips forward until she was on the edge of the counter. Judith leaned back against the wide cork board as he hiked up her skirt. The cool air in the small room rushed between her heated flesh and the sensation of being completely exposed only heightened her desire and anticipation...  ~~~ Happy Sexy Saturday! ♥    * EXCERPT * Amazon Barnes & Noble iBooks Kobo ARe 

Fall into Romance #BlogHop

Welcome to this fall's Fall into Romance blog hop ! I'm excited to be sharing my upcoming release, QUEEN OF HIS HEART, with you. It's a sexy, emotional, and suspenseful tale about two people who must work through their old and  new heartaches in order to allow their romance to thrive. This is the 3rd book in the Queen Quartette series and is currently available for pre-order. Release date is set for September 25th so be sure to get in on the "early-bird" special! More about QUEEN OF HIS HEART : ~~~~~  Judith's smile stole Carlos' heart...                                         Her  betrayal tore it apart…   Pre-order sale! Amazon iTunes Kobo All Romance eBooks Judith Bell is comfortable with her quiet, predictable life. After a failed relationship left her emotionally—and physically—scarred, she tries her hardest to ignore Carlos Moreno’s advances. But the sexy, dark-eyed security chief is proving ve

A Fresh Start

Welcome September! Fall is finally here and I just love this time of year. And it's not because I'm a fall-baby. The air just seems more cool, crisp and refreshing. A time to hit the restart button and take chances, maybe embark on something new, before the year ends.  Available for pre-order! Amazon All Romance eBook iTunes Kobo This fall is a chance for me to continue on my publishing journey and move forward with the releases of my Queen series despite the unexpected delays this summer. I'm now on book 3, QUEEN OF HIS HEART , and am excited for it's new--never in print--release on September 25th. It's available for pre-order now and on sale for $2.99 (regular price $4.99) until 9/25.  Book 4, HIS DIAMOND QUEEN , is slated for release in October, during which I will be having my series release party . Stay tuned for more info on that! I have a few more surprises in the works this fall but one thing at a time, right? =) In the meantime, enjo