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Idiot . Marc directed the insult to himself and the woman who had him wrapped around her little finger. She had worked the helpless, desperate act well and he had fallen for it. Hook, line, and whimper. It had been easy finding her. She hadn’'t even bothered checking in under another name. Either she really so naive or she wanted him to find her. And if he could find her, then whoever was after her could too. All he had to do was flash his badge. But anyone with some extra cash and enough interest could pay for that info. He had no reason not to believe she was really in danger. His instincts told him she hadn't been lying about that. But considering how she'd played him for a fool, maybe he couldn't – shouldn't – trust his instincts where she was concerned. He stalked past a row of dim-lit motel rooms until he arrived at the lucky number. Room 409. He hesitated just outside of the door. If he pounded on the door, she could panic and try to crawl out of

"Once a Liar, Never a Cheat"

Amber’s heart thudded against her chest as she walked out of the busy precinct into the cool California night. She couldn’t shake the image of the detective’s harsh, angry face so she tried to focus on getting as far as she can from the police station. She vaguely noted the rapid descent of the California sun and realized there had been no sense of time for her in that tiny interview room. It was getting increasing late and she began to have second thoughts about going back to her house. After what happened today, her stomach knotted at the thought of going back to her dark house, even for a second. But she had no change of clothes and more than anything, she wanted to get out of California as soon as possible. Luckily, she managed to find a cab just a short distance from the police station and gave the driver directions to her home. She promised him a nice tip if he waited for her. She even gave him half the fare upfront in case he thought she would cheat him out of his fare. H