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Hot Days, Hotter Nights Giveaway Hop + Exclusive Excerpt!

Now available in print! Welcome to the Hot Days, Hotter Nights Blog Hop! Summer is coming to an end and I'm excited to be participating in this hot and sexy blog hop. Below is a sexy excerpt from my latest release, HIS BEDPOST QUEEN. Enjoy! ~~~ **Warning: Excerpt below is for mature audience only.**   She tugged off his shirt and jerked down the waistband of his pants, fully baring the deep V that led to the shadowy juncture of his hidden bulge. He stepped away from her and pulled them completely off in short time. She got only a glimpse of his glorious body before he came back to her and yanked at her thin panties. The delicate material snapped under his force, and he tossed it aside. She was no more concerned about the destroyed underwear than he was. Wrapping her hand around his erection, she applied gentle pressure until he groaned. The feel of his smooth, hard shaft beneath her palm excited her. Satin wrapped around steel. That’s what he felt like. He grabb

Hello August!

It's August--the last month to a very eventful, trying, unpredictable, and yes, HOT summer. I don't know what to say besides  man, does time fly! (Whether you're having fun or not.) Though, I would have loved for the initial publishing schedule for my new series to have been met, I would much rather have them come out later in the utmost quality then fast with mediocre results. In happier news, books 1 and 2 of the Queen Quartette are now available! And book 3 is coming real soon with book 4 to follow immediately after. I'm happy with how the series has turned out and the response from readers have been overall positive, which is all I can ask for more. =) What's to come this month? - Goodreads Giveaway of 5 autographed copies of book 1, HIS FLOWER QUEEN  (ends August 31st) -Print version of book 2, HIS BEDPOST QUEEN , will be available mid-month (sign up for my mailing list to receive exclusive discounts!) -Lastly, look out for more news and excerpt