Hot Days, Hotter Nights Giveaway Hop + Exclusive Excerpt!

Now available in print!
Welcome to the Hot Days, Hotter Nights Blog Hop!

Summer is coming to an end and I'm excited to be participating in this hot and sexy blog hop. Below is a sexy excerpt from my latest release, HIS BEDPOST QUEEN. Enjoy!

**Warning: Excerpt below is for mature audience only.**
She tugged off his shirt and jerked down the waistband of his pants, fully baring the deep V that led to the shadowy juncture of his hidden bulge. He stepped away from her and pulled them completely off in short time. She got only a glimpse of his glorious body before he came back to her and yanked at her thin panties. The delicate material snapped under his force, and he tossed it aside.

She was no more concerned about the destroyed underwear than he was. Wrapping her hand around his erection, she applied gentle pressure until he groaned. The feel of his smooth, hard shaft beneath her palm excited her. Satin wrapped around steel. That’s what he felt like.

He grabbed the short strands of her hair and tilted her head back, exposing her neck fully for his hungry lips. He sucked gently at the tender spot and she released a ragged breath. Trailing his lips along the curve of her neck, he stopped close to her ear and murmured, “Tell me your name, gorgeous.”

With a wicked grin, she applied a bit more pressure around him. He sucked in a sharp breath. His desire not only aroused her, it also made her bold.

“I think I want you to beg for it,” she breathed.

With her head still tilted back, he gently bit down on the edge of her jaw then lightly passed his tongue over the faint stinging. “Sweetheart, I’ve never begged for anything.”
Now available in print!
I hope you enjoyed the excerpt! Don't forget to check out my website for more on this steamy series. =)

What's the hottest thing you've done this summer? Leave a comment letting me know and two lucky commenters will get a chance to win an e-book copy of HIS BEDPOST QUEEN from Amazon. And enter in the Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win an autographed print copy of HIS FLOWER QUEEN.
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BookLady said…
I read If I Were You and Being Me from the Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones. Very hot!!!
CBarton said…
Hottest thing I have done this summer..........mow the yard. Pathetic isn't it! Thank you for the chance.

cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com
books4me said…
The hottest thing I've done this summer was visit my teen at camp. Despite only being 2.5 hrs away, it's a good 10 degrees hotter!

Judy said…
I decided to plant a small garden and it liked to have done me in. By the time I was through, you would have thought I had ran a marathon, sweating profusely!!!!
bn100 said…
go to the beach

bn100candg at hotmail dot com
Vanessa N. said…
Went to the beach.
Hottest thing I've done this summer, worked the garden, mowed the yard and canned veggies!
Redrabbitt at aol dot com
Brandi said…
The hottest thing I did was go to the beach on a hot day & ended up getting a weird sunburn on the back of only 1 leg, at the back of my knee. It was pretty funny though, but def hot ;)

Take care, & I hope you have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Literally the hottest: hiked around Dinosaur State Valley in 100+ degree weather in Texas! :)

margobondcollins at gmail dot com
Sherry said…
The hottest thing I have done this summer is work in my garden.
sstrode at scrtc dot com
Unknown said…
Im a boring person the hottest thing I do is read hot books and this looks to be smokin! -) thanks for the chance!
Unknown said…
went to the beach
VanillaOrchids said…
Unfortunately my answer is mow the lawn. Wish I could say I did something more exciting than that though.
Unknown said…
Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving a comment during the Hot Days, Hotter Nights blog hop! Sounds like many of you were involved in some fun--and hot--activities this summer. =)

Congrats to Brandi Dagwan and Judy Cox on their win!
Anonymous said…
Well alright now... that's that HOTNESS right there!