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Cover Reveal: "The Brightest Day" A Historical Romance Anthology

I'm excited to officially announce the upcoming release of our anthology, The Brightest Day: A Juneteenth Historical Romance Anthology with authors Kianna Alexander, Alyssa Cole, and Piper Huguley, and includes a foreword by the pioneer of African American historical romance, Ms. Beverly Jenkins! The anthology (slated for release June 1st) features four novellas of love, hope, and freedom that span 100 years of American history after the end of slavery: Amazing Grace , by  Lena Hart : It’s the year 1866—the Civil War is over and slavery has ended. Life for 18-year-old Gracie Shaw takes an unexpected turn when she is “encouraged” to marry a man sight-unseen. Boarded on a train headed West—to lawless territory—she is faced with misfortune at every turn and must accept the help of former Confederate soldier, Logan Finley, while denying herself the one thing she wants most. Him. Drifting to You , by Kianna Alexander : During the sultry Carolina summer of 1875, baker Rosal

#MySexySaturday #MSS83

Welcome to another Sexy Saturday! This weekend, I'm featuring my latest erotic short, B IS FOR BEDPOST , which now has a new--and even sexier--cover. (Check it down below. Isn't he hawt !) I'm also excited to be featuring another sexy excerpt from the story. It's the scene that leads up right to the #balconysex. I hope you enjoy!  ♥ ~~~ “Are you sure about this, sweets?” She rolled her hips back against him in response then pulled open the sash of her robe. The heavy material fell open and the cool night air brushed against her warm skin. In that moment, she was grateful for the cover of night because she wanted to make love to him here. Now. She turned to face him and found desire etched across his handsome face, along with a tenderness that left her breathless and desperate for his touch. She let her robe fall from her body and, for the second time that night, stood before him gloriously naked. His nostrils flared as his eyes swept down the length of her.