#MySexySaturday #MSS83

Welcome to another Sexy Saturday!

This weekend, I'm featuring my latest erotic short, B IS FOR BEDPOST, which now has a new--and even sexier--cover. (Check it down below. Isn't he hawt!)

I'm also excited to be featuring another sexy excerpt from the story. It's the scene that leads up right to the #balconysex. I hope you enjoy! 
“Are you sure about this, sweets?”

She rolled her hips back against him in response then pulled open the sash of her robe. The heavy material fell open and the cool night air brushed against her warm skin. In that moment, she was grateful for the cover of night because she wanted to make love to him here. Now.

She turned to face him and found desire etched across his handsome face, along with a tenderness that left her breathless and desperate for his touch. She let her robe fall from her body and, for the second time that night, stood before him gloriously naked. His nostrils flared as his eyes swept down the length of her.

She stepped toward him and pulled off his shirt, never taking her eyes away from his. “I want you to make love to me here, under the moon and stars, with the waves crashing behind us.” She reached for his buckle and yanked at the strap. “I want you to take me anyway you want, how hard you want. I want to feel you come inside me. I want us to make new memories.”

She pulled open his pants and jerked him to her. He fell forward, bracing himself against the rail behind her. She was effectively trapped between him, the banister, and the ocean that yawned in the distance.

“New memories, huh?” His lips curved into a sensual grin as he rubbed his thumb across her hardening nipple then smoothed his hand down the curve of her waist.

Her body clenched with need, and she flattened her palm on his chest, enjoying his hardness and the heat radiating from him. “Yes. Lots of sexy ones.”
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Newly engaged couple Athena Lewis and David Carrone are off to celebrate the best way they know how—in bed someplace far from the glittering lights of Las Vegas. They arrive on a private island where pleasure, fun, and relaxation awaits—or so they believe.

When they are invited to the island’s most exclusive club, they soon discover that the “Mansion” is no ordinary nightclub. Luckily, David and Tena are no ordinary couple. Looking to add more excitement to their relationship, they take the opportunity to explore their secret desires. But a night of passionate exploration brings back painful memories from Tena’s past and pushes them further from each other.

Afraid to let her past sever their special bond, Tena sets out to prove to David just how much she trusts him with her body—even if it means balancing on the edge of danger…