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"Fire Games"

Marc sat across Amber Bennett in the small interview room and studied her. It was no secret she was hiding something. He could see it in her big brown eyes and the way she pursed her full lips before she spoke. But he’d had enough of her lies and half-truths. Tonight he was going to get his answers. “We need to find him, Ms. Bennett. He’s the key to helping us find Maggie Davis.” Amber sat staring at the photos he’d placed before her, blinking back tears. He deliberately placed the photo of Marcy Davis and her daughter, Maggie, beside her brother’s mug shot to gain a reaction. And hopefully her cooperation. The feminine replica of Austen Bennett’s face finally looked up at him and he was again caught off guard by his reaction to her. “I'm sorry about what happened to that little girl and her mother, but Austen had nothing to do with that.” Marc tamed the frustration that threatened to erupt inside him. Anger and swearing hadn’t helped him get through to her befor