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My Sexy Saturday...

This is my first Sexy Saturday blog hop and I'm excited to be sharing my 7 sentence blurb with you from THE FLOWER QUEEN . Enjoy! Before she could protest, he hoisted up her skirt and lifted her onto the granite sink. She gasped as the cool surface shocked her heated skin. He moved to stand between her thighs, spreading them wide. Gina sensed his urgency and it became her own. She reached between their bodies and undid his belt, fumbling with the buckle. As she struggled with his belt, he slid his hands over her thighs and up to her hips. When he reached her panties, he grunted and tugged hard. Want more? Check out the sexy excerpts I have up for the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway blog hop . And enter to win some prizes! Want even more? Check out these other sexy Saturday stories.

Hot Summer Romance -- Giveaway Hop

I'm so excited to be in Atlanta this week for the RWA 2013 conference AND to be participating in the Hot Summer Romance giveaway blog hop! Timing couldn't be better. While, I'm here in HOT-lanta, I thought I share two of my sexy--and very HOT--excerpts from my Queens series that are now available. Leave a comment and let me know if you found these hot enough :). Two lucky commenters will be entered in a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card and a copy of "The Flower Queen". Winners will be announced on Monday, 7/22. These excerpts are hotter then what I usually post... so you've been warned... THE FLOWER QUEEN The look in his eyes was one she was very familiar with—it was the look he got when he wanted to be inside her—and she went warm all over. He can't be serious. Laughing nervously, she tried to wrestle her hand from his tight grip. "I can't. I have to get back in a few minutes." His eyes darkened and he wasn't smiling.

What D'ya Know...? -- Yawning

So I'm starting something new: a monthly "What D'ya Know" segment that will feature (I hope) interesting topics that everyone just knows about but not really the why . We know yawning is contagious but why? We know in Jeopardy, they always start with "What is..." but why? We know cat's have whiskers, by why (lol, true story--a friend asked me why my cat's had such long whiskers and I thought that's a good question...). But because of my random mind--and nosey nature--I like to know a little of a lot, to be able to satisfy my "well, why is that?" questions. And I thought I'd share my findings. But be warned, I don't claim to be an expertise in any of this! This is just plain, ole Google research (which may not even 100% accurate) but I hope you find them interesting, fun, and enlightening... So, why is yawning  contagious? We all know we yawn when we're tired. But the phenomenon is being next someone who yawns and g

My June Secrets Revealed!

Happy July! How time flies... But I've stepped out of my writer's cave for a moment and am excited to unveil many of my latest projects that have kept me busy this past month... NEW WEBSITE! I've given my website a facelift and am pleased with the outcome. It's fresh and pretty and a great place to hangout. I've added new things, like videos, a Q&A of me, and a guestbook ! Please stop and take a look--and sign my book! NEW RELEASE: The Bedpost Queen I'm happy to announce my second sexy short is now available! I had fun writing this story and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It's a sexy, short read and begs the question: What's a man to do when he finds a half-naked woman in his bed? Also, don't forget to check out the first story in this mini-series,  The Flower Queen . UPCOMING RELEASE:  Because This Is Forever My third story in the Just Because series is slated for release by Secret Cravings Publi