My Sexy Saturday...

This is my first Sexy Saturday blog hop and I'm excited to be sharing my 7 sentence blurb with you from THE FLOWER QUEEN. Enjoy!

Before she could protest, he hoisted up her skirt and lifted her onto the granite sink. She gasped as the cool surface shocked her heated skin. He moved to stand between her thighs, spreading them wide. Gina sensed his urgency and it became her own. She reached between their bodies and undid his belt, fumbling with the buckle.
As she struggled with his belt, he slid his hands over her thighs and up to her hips. When he reached her panties, he grunted and tugged hard.

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Lynn Crain said…
Boy does that snippet sizzle! Very nice and hot...I'm having to fan myself. LOL!

Thanks for sharing and being a part of My Sexy Saturday.