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I'm excited to announce that the cover reveal for my upcoming romantic suspense novel, THE DEVIL'S BEDPOST  (slated to release in Fall 2015), will be scheduled on August 25th. Sign-up for my mailing list or check back here for further details! In the meantime, check out my interview with  Romancing the Book and enter for a chance to win an early e-ARC of the book. What would you do if you had nothing left to lose? Life for David Carrone couldn’t be any better. Business is growing and he’s about to marry his sweetheart, Athena Lewis—Vegas’ new mover and shaker. Unfortunately, their happiness is short-lived when a scandal of lies and an unspeakable tragedy slices a wide rift between them.  Yet, where there are secrets, danger is never far behind... With his life spiraling out of control—and their enemies lurking near—David is forced to make some unlikely alliances to protect all that he holds dear. But when the one woman he's ever loved is taken fr

Sexy Scribblers Debuts!

This month, my Sexy Scribblers writing group launched our first impromptu story, Scandalous . All 6 episodes have been published and I have featured on my blog today. This Friday, the next story, 19 Ivy Lane , will be released! Be sure to check the website for Episode 1. Enjoy! Scandalous Episode 1 by Chanta Rand   He smelled bacon. He mentally struggled with whether to get up and eat or to lay comatose. Comatose felt good. Eating would mean dealing with his cotton-dry mouth and the insistent pounding at his hotel door. He rolled over in his king-sized bed and cracked an eye open. His gaze landed on a plate stacked with strips of bacon, and a mountain of scrambled eggs slathered in Tabasco sauce—just the way he liked them. He’d eaten the same breakfast ever since he’d bought this hotel years ago. Everything was as it should be, except for the idiot at his door. Who had the balls to disturb him after a night of…hell, what  had  he been doing last night? His mind

New Release: 12 Alphas 12 Months Set

I would like to wish a very happy release day to some very incredible ladies and talented authors! And if you haven't downloaded your copy of the 12 ALPHAS 12 MONTHS box set, what are you waiting for!?! :P NOW AVAILABLE!   Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo