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New Release Alert

In case you missed it... Now available! Read the first 3 chapters here .   **$0.99 holiday sale for a limited time!** Kindle | Nook | Google | Kobo  |  All Romance Celeste's Holiday Playlist 1.  Baby, It's Cold Outside 2.  All I Want For Christmas… 3.  O Come, All Ye Faithful 4.  O Holy Night 5.  Joy to the World 6.  A Kiss for Christmas 7.  Dashing Through the Snow 8.  Fa la la la la la la la la 9.  Christmas Just  Ain’t  Christmas… 10.  Do You Hear What I Hear? 11.  Silent Night  (bonus track)

A Holiday Treat pt. 3 (O Come, All Ye Faithful)

Three days until release day! Here's a bonus peek into chapter 3 of My Silent New York Night . Also, stop by Ana E Ross' Facebook Release Day Party where we will be celebrating the release of her new novel, Loving Yasmine . I will be dropping in at 3pm EST with some prizes to giveaway so be sure to stop by and say "Hi!" ( Read Chapter 1 ) * ( Read Chapter 2 ) 3. O Come, All Ye Faithful “Nana, why is Mishca coming to church with us?” I asked in a hushed whisper as we waited in the kitchen for him to finish dressing. “Is he even Baptist?” What was Nana thinking? “Does it matter?” Nana asked, adjusting her pincurls in front of the large wall mirror beside the short, plastic Christmas tree. It was pitifully decorated with just a few string lights and a sad looking ornament on top. “He comes once in a while with me and Joanne some Sundays and I’m glad for it. It’s good to see young people taking an interest in the Lord. The neighborhood’s changing so much,

A Holiday Treat pt. 2 (All I Want For Christmas…)

Continue the story with an early look into chapter 2 of  My Silent New York Night ... ( Read Chapter 1 ) 2. All I Want For Christmas… The alarm went off and I jolted up out of bed. There was an annoying beeping going off and it took a minute for me to realize where it was coming from. I quickly grabbed my phone and shut it off. Much better. I promptly fell back into my pillow with a loud groan. I hated mornings as much as I hated the thought of leaving my warm bed. But I had that damn interview to get to and if I didn’t get my butt up now, I was going to be late. With another groan, I pushed away the heavy covers and got out of bed. The smell of sausage and cheesy grits greeted me the moment I opened my door. Oh, I love you Nana. Suddenly, I was eager to get my shower out of the way. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and padded down to the bathroom, barely registering the light streaming underneath the door before I shoved it open. A nude man was the last thing I expec

A Holiday Treat pt. 1 (Baby, It's Cold Outside)

Dear readers and friends: Experience Christmas in New York this season with my upcoming holiday romance,  My Silent New York Night . This novella is not only a treat for my readers this holiday, it's also an homage to the city that has become—and will always be—my second home.  In My Silent New York Night , I do things a little differently. This story is a New Adult/Romantic Comedy—a mash-up you don't typically see in the New Adult subgenre with all their brooding/tortured heroes. Not that I don't enjoy a good read with a dark and disturbed alpha hero but this story is about a young aspiring actress coming into her own and learning some valuable lessons along the way.  This is the first story I've ever written in 1st person (in the heroine's point-of-view) and I have to admit it wasn't as torturous as I would have thought. But then again, Celeste Nightingale is a diva and demanded she be the star of this novella. And through her, I discovered that I c