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#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #8

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #94! Trusting Love  (book #7 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set) By Emma Leigh Reed The house was quiet when Tony slipped inside. He smirked in the dark. Chloe was so predictable—always in bed before he got home hoping to avoid him. He could see through her, but she was easily influenced and good to have around. He made his way to the kitchen to grab a beer. Twisting off the cap, he slipped into living room and sat down. His legs sprawled in front of him he lounged back in the easy chair. Chloe had been young when he had found her. She was eager for love and he gave it to her. Well, maybe not the love she had been looking for, but he didn’t care what she needed. He did feel sorry when he saw her tears but now he’s bored and ready to move on, but can’t. She overhead too many conversations and knew too much. He sighed and placed the empty bottle on the table next to him, stood and started upstairs. Something had to be done with her. He slippe

The Brightest Day: An Inside Look into "Amazing Grace"

It's 1866. The war is over. Slavery has ended. But the story is just getting started... In 1 week, THE BRIGHTEST DAY will be released! In this historical romance anthology, which features my historical novella,  Amazing Grace , Gracie Shaw can't deny her desire for former Confederate soldier Logan Finley. She is torn between fulling her promise or following her heart and he is eager to start a new life--with her. Their relationship was inspired by real life interracial couple Albert and Lucy Parsons . Lucy, a former slave married Albert, a former Confederate soldier, during the time of Reconstruction and together they spoke out against the continued injustices of newly freed slaves, women suffrage, and poor laborers. In Amazing Grace , both Gracie and Logan are boarded on a train headed west and below is an excerpt where Gracie finally meets the mysterious man watching her sing the day before: ~~~ Gracie “Excuse us, sir.” When the man didn’t acknowledge them,

#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #7

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #93! Still Hot for You  (book #4 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set) By Diane Escalera She watched him stroll away, his gait strong, fit and purposeful. She didn’t want to be angry with Dylan anymore. After months of mulish behavior, she’d rationalized her situation. At twenty-nine, she had plenty of time to start a family. It’s not like Dylan didn’t want kids. He did. He just had this need to secure their future first. The man showed tenacity, but didn’t she love that about him? While he changed, Shay spread out the meal. She used the good china and lit a line of candles down the center of the table. Dimming the overhead lamp instantly transformed the mood to soft and relaxing. Barefoot, she sauntered over to the stereo and clicked on the CD player, already loaded with atmosphere music. She chose something not too romantic, just a light, melodic tune. Back at the table, she tinkered with the wineglasses. She straightened a fork, aligned the

#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #6

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #92! Liar, Liar  (book #1 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set) By J.A. Coffey Matt’s gaze left hers for a moment, traveling down the length of her rain-soaked figure. He grabbed his jacket from her hand and tossed it aside into the forest debris like a blanket. Jess glanced down. Her nipples were puckered and stiff, protruding through the wet material of her blouse and her thin bra. She was obviously aroused and yet she didn’t feel any shame. Not with him. His gaze raked over her like fire. “I…we…we should be getting back….” She began. Her brain was foggy with desire. She wanted him, wanted his hands on her. Why was it so hard to think? “Your eyes are incredible,” Matt whispered, moving closer until she could feel the tickle of his warm breath on her cheek. “Expressive. Stunning.” “They’re just brown,” Jess answered. She leaned back against a nearby aspen. Her legs felt like water. What was she doing? “They’re much more than that. There are

5-15-15... 5 Reasons Why I Went *FREE*

Starting today, through the rest of May, my novel HIS FLOWER QUEEN, which is the first book in the Queen Quartette series, will be free at all e-book retailers. In a time when the ebook market is flooded with free books, I had my reservations about placing any of mine for free. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mind doing an occasional sale or price discount, but FREE?!? Well, it took some convincing, but when I weighed the pros and cons, I realized it didn't hurt to give this marketing tool a try. And for interested (or hesitant) authors out there, here is why I did it: 1. Cross-promotion. The opportunity to cross-promote with the SHADES OF DESIRE box set, which currently features book 2 of my series, HIS BEDPOST QUEEN, would allow for hopefully drive up pre-order sales for $.99 10-in-1 bundle. 2. Readers conference and events. With the Interracial Romance Author Expo, and several other online events, underway this month, going free was a great opportunity to give

Happy Mother's Day!

Two years ago, I wrote this homage to one of the greatest women I know--Ms. Karen Kupper. I originally featured this post on the SSLY blog and this year I would like to remember Ms. Kupper by republishing that post here on my blog. Rest in peace, Ms. Kupper. You are forever missed. ♥ Celebrate the Women in Your Life In Memory of Ms. Karen Kupper By Lena Hart This month, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, I can’t help but think of the phenomenal women whose come into my life. Most of them are still in my life; a few have sadly passed on. But in remembering these women, I think of the tremendous impact they’ve had in my life and how they’ve made me the woman I am today. One of these women is Ms. Karen Kupper, an unforgettable woman who came into my life almost 20 years ago. Ms. Kupper was my sister’s 5 th grade teacher but in our close-knit elementary school, everyone knew her as “Ms. Betty Boop”. Ms Kupper loved the round doll-faced character with the svelte figure. Wheth

#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #5

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #91! A Decade for Darius  (book #3 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set) By Dorothy Callahan “Since we accomplished nothing, may I take you out again?” His smile did strange things to her. Strange, warm, tingly, clenching, wonderful things. Feigning boredom, she checked her nails. “I don’t know. You really are a major imposition.” He grabbed her, twirled her around in a waltz and braced her against his car. It took a minute for her squeal of laughter to fade before she realized his intense look. How his hands stroked her hips. How he had her completely at his tender mercy. “May I kiss your cheek, Jessalyn?” That, and everything else.  ** Read more excerpts from the Shades of Desire box set ** Pre-order today for only $.99! Amazon   |  iBooks  |  Kobo  |  ARe  |  B&N  |  Google   Ten titillating tales from USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors. Step into the world of some of the freshest voices in romance.

#ShadesofDesire on BlogTalk Radio!

In case you missed it, check out our chat with LaSheera Lee on her BlogTalk Radio show! Here, my fellow SHADES OF DESIRE authors talk about our upcoming box set and what's in store. Check it out! Check Out Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Read You Later on BlogTalkRadio

#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #4

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #90! Resisting Destiny  (book #6 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set) By Chanta Rand Her eyes swept the length of his silk pajama bottoms. Normally, he walked around bare-chested, but he remembered to pull on a sleeveless t-shirt so he wouldn’t offend his guest.  “I like asking questions. You don’t like repeating yourself. We make one hell of a team.” “If you follow my rules, we’ll be fine.” “Oh, hell no!”  She sat her coffee cup down and he knew she was about to read him the riot act.  Before she could attack, he took the offense.  “Y’know, I’m getting used to the way your eyes narrow when something pisses you off. You’re doing it now, although you look a lot prettier without those fake eyelashes you had on yesterday.” She glared. “I don’t know if that was supposed to be a compliment or not.” “It was.” They continued staring at each other for a few seconds. The air crackled with enough energy to light Vegas for one night. Destiny wa