#MySexySaturday #ShadesofDesire: Featured Excerpt #6

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #92!

Liar, Liar (book #1 in the SHADES OF DESIRE box set)
By J.A. Coffey
Matt’s gaze left hers for a moment, traveling down the length of her rain-soaked figure. He grabbed his jacket from her hand and tossed it aside into the forest debris like a blanket. Jess glanced down. Her nipples were puckered and stiff, protruding through the wet material of her blouse and her thin bra. She was obviously aroused and yet she didn’t feel any shame. Not with him. His gaze raked over her like fire.
“I…we…we should be getting back….” She began. Her brain was foggy with desire. She wanted him, wanted his hands on her. Why was it so hard to think?
“Your eyes are incredible,” Matt whispered, moving closer until she could feel the tickle of his warm breath on her cheek. “Expressive. Stunning.”
“They’re just brown,” Jess answered. She leaned back against a nearby aspen. Her legs felt like water. What was she doing?
“They’re much more than that. There are gold flecks in them that dance when you smile.” His fingers stole underneath her chin and tilted her head up. His full mouth hovered near hers. “I want to see you smile. I want to see you….”
Naked, she wondered? She wet her lips with the tip of her tongue as a soft rumble escaped from him. The sound sent liquid heat between her thighs.
“I’m going to kiss you, Jess.” It wasn’t a question. He leaned in, his fingers raising her face to meet him. “I’m going to show you why you came to Montana.”

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Ten titillating tales from USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors. Step into the world of some of the freshest voices in romance. From spicy secrets to sweet second chances. Come find your perfect shade of desire.

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Glad you ladies enjoyed. =)
J.A. Coffey said…
Thanks for posting, Lena! Matteo is one of my FAVORITE heroes. <3