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11 Fun Facts about Trini Christmas + Giveaway!

I'd like to welcome author Roxy Wilson ( my first guest blogger)  on my blog today! She'll be talking to us about "Trini Christmas" and her latest release, The Right Kind of Love . Happy Boxing Day! ~~~ Hi, Lena.  It’s such a pleasure visiting with you today, especially during this festive season. Christmas.  My debut novel, The Right Kind of Love , ends with a beautiful wedding in which, “ orange mums were clustered together and arranged creatively in the pews, aisles, doors and altar of the church... The bridesmaids were adorned in oranges and browns, while each groomsman’s tie and vest complemented those cheery November colors.”   But, let’s suppose, for one minute, Blake and Sloane decided to spend their first Christmas, as a couple, in the Caribbean.  Would that be a surprise?  No.  After all, even though Sloane is a New Yorker, Blake is always enthralled by the scent of her hair, which usually smells like “vanilla and coconuts, reminiscent of her mothe

"Are You Happy?"

My girl friends and I have this inside joke. We're major foodies and when we come across a delicious meal or dessert, we wait until everyone's gotten a bite before asking with sincerity and delight: "Are you happy?" It started innocently enough over savory garlic shrimp and has now morphed into our signature dining-out tagline. But aside from appreciating a great meal and realizing how food can in many ways be balm for the soul, I realized that I have a lot to be happy about this year. The start of the year began dismally when I lost my uncle and aunt to cancer within months of each other. It wasn't the best start of the new year and though the year was filled with many other challenges, it helped me put a lot of myself and my goals into prospective. I realized it was okay to take risks, to follow your dreams. This life we have is not only fleeting but it's also unpredictable so do what makes you happy. I managed to do a lot of that this year, and have m

Character Q&A: Nate McArthur

I'd like to introduce Nate McArthur, my hero from BECAUSE THIS IS FOREVER. I recently participated in a Facebook event that garnered some interesting questions--and responses--from my rather blunt hero and I thought it would be fun to share with those who missed the event. I got to learn a lot about my hero and I hope after this, you do too! 1. Football or basketball? Basketball 2. Good at? Kissing 3. Bad at? Cooking 4. Boxers or briefs? Boxers 5. Top or bottom? Top AND bottom ;) **Now these fun questions below came from readers during the event.** 6. What would Nate do to make me feel better? I'd do what I always do to distract and make my lady smile: Talk (dirty) to her ;) 7. What does he like to read? Thrillers 8. Favorite way to unwind? Read with my son 9. Favorite band? Nickleback 10. What's your favorite pastime? Family, traveling... and other things 11. Nate today is a cold raining day. What do you like to do on a day like today? Make love

Book Tour: Tia Kelly's Playing for Love + Giveaway!

Today I have the lovely Tia Kelly on my blog and her new release, Playing for Love . And she has generously offered to give a FREE copy to a lucky commenter so be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think of the excerpt! Playing for Love By Tia Kelly Kenneth Wilkerson, baseball's MVP of breaking hearts isn't in Craymont looking for complications. With an injury that has him sidelined from the game he loves, and the latest scandal in his wake involving a woman who is very much engaged to someone else, the last thing he needs is to get mixed up with Paige Scott. Paige Scott, a former party-girl, has a very murky past and even murkier relationship with Kenneth's best friend Carlos Ortiz. Paige knows Carlos watched her go from it girl to broken and when she finally healed, he made it clear to her that he would not step aside to let another man in just to do it again. But Kenneth lets nothing stand between him and what he loves. Love for the game… h

Winners of Secret Prizes!

Thanks everyone for making my first virtual book tour such a success! It was a great tour made so by all your support and participation. Below are the winners of the 5 secret prizes. Each person will be contacted individually later today. Winners of the 5 secret prizes My Devotional Thoughts: Belinda G | Copy of Because This Is Forever + author swag Coffee Time Romance: Nikki | Copy of Because This Is Forever & Finding Divine Romance Books 4 Us: Erika Messer | Copy of any one of my books Kwana Writes: Roxy Wilson | Copy of Because This Is Forever Black Lion Tours: Zita Martin | Tote bag, t-shirt, + author swag Congratulations all! Winner of the Scavenger Hunt will be announced at the end of this week, 12/6/13.