Character Q&A: Nate McArthur

I'd like to introduce Nate McArthur, my hero from BECAUSE THIS IS FOREVER. I recently participated in a Facebook event that garnered some interesting questions--and responses--from my rather blunt hero and I thought it would be fun to share with those who missed the event. I got to learn a lot about my hero and I hope after this, you do too!

1. Football or basketball? Basketball

2. Good at? Kissing

3. Bad at? Cooking

4. Boxers or briefs? Boxers

5. Top or bottom? Top AND bottom ;)

**Now these fun questions below came from readers during the event.**

6. What would Nate do to make me feel better? I'd do what I always do to distract and make my lady smile: Talk (dirty) to her ;)

7. What does he like to read? Thrillers

8. Favorite way to unwind? Read with my son

9. Favorite band? Nickleback

10. What's your favorite pastime? Family, traveling... and other things

11. Nate today is a cold raining day. What do you like to do on a day like today?
Make love

12. Jazz or rock? Rock

13. Chicago Pizza or Hot dog? Pizza

14. Tantra or kama sutra, why? Tantra. There’s nothing like the feel and connection you get when being in a woman.

15. Wine or beer? Beer

16. Slow or fast? Slow then fast ;)

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