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The 12-Steps to Intimacy

Imagine walking out in a public area when you come across a young couple locked in a passionate embrace. The man's arms surrounds the woman as he expertly moves his lips across hers. You walk steadily pass them, fascinated if not a little bashful by the sight. You steal another glimpse at the affection couple only to realize the scene before you is not that of a loving couple. It more of a woman who, just by the look in her eyes, is suffering miserably through her dates sloppy kisses. Well this is a scene I got the displeasure of witnessing. It was clear to everyone except the Sloppy-Kissing Gentleman that the woman found his kissing insufferable. The entire scene just looked painfully awkward and I couldn't figure out who I was most embarrassed for. But it was clear from their interaction that no connection had been established between them. I later realized that along the way our Sloppy-Kissing Gentleman must have forgotten - or disregarded - the 12 steps to intimacy. No

Yes, this is a blog of some sort...

Welcome all, I don't know why I feel compelled to have a blog. Maybe it's the writer in me that needs to share all my thoughts, feelings, and mental randomness out to the public - whether people care to read about it or not. I have many "hats" that I have to alternate between and so far I've got this juggling act down to a science. Yes, I miss - or neglect - things but I still mange to hang on to my sanity. And isn't that whay's really important? It's not easy, rarely ever fun, but it's interesting. So feel free to follow me on this journey, mind dump, whatever you want to call it. I promise to keep you guessing ;) -LH