A Fresh Start

Welcome September!

Fall is finally here and I just love this time of year. And it's not because I'm a fall-baby. The air just seems more cool, crisp and refreshing. A time to hit the restart button and take chances, maybe embark on something new, before the year ends.

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All Romance eBook

This fall is a chance for me to continue on my publishing journey and move forward with the releases of my Queen series despite the unexpected delays this summer. I'm now on book 3, QUEEN OF HIS HEART, and am excited for it's new--never in print--release on September 25th. It's available for pre-order now and on sale for $2.99 (regular price $4.99) until 9/25.

Book 4, HIS DIAMOND QUEEN, is slated for release in October, during which I will be having my series release party. Stay tuned for more info on that! I have a few more surprises in the works this fall but one thing at a time, right? =)

In the meantime, enjoy the new, fresh season and be sure to make it count!


Unknown said…
I love the falling leaves, pumpkin patches and apple cider.