Tuesday's Tale: "Gift Box"

  "Mya and the Officer"
What a crock. That old Indian woman didn't know what she was talking about. Mya would find love again.
It was just a matter of where.
Mya got back into her red and black Jeep Wrangler and sped off onto the highway.
It was her own fault for stopping at the little souvenir shop and letting the old woman lead her into the store's back room where she had parted with her last twenty dollars only to hear prophecies of a troubled future, a nonexistent love life, followed by a complimentary red box of chocolate cherries.
But it was Valentine’s Day and what Mya really wanted to know was if she would ever find her true Prince Charming. And if so, she hoped he was somewhere in Phoenix.
Lost in her overactive imagination, she didn’t realize how fast she was going until it was too late. Red and blue lights flashed behind her and she groaned when the sirens sounded.
“Oh, come on,” she muttered. But she knew the drill. She reduced her speed, pulled over to a safe spot, rolled down the window, and waited impatiently as the officer took his time approaching her car.
The old Indian woman did say she saw lots of red in Mya’s future.
“Ma’am, do you know why I stopped you?”
Mya turned to the officer, preparing to flutter her eyelashes, when the coy reply froze on her lips. He was the most attractive man in uniform she’d seen since leaving California. With those broad shoulders and chiseled jaw, he could have easily posed for any of her romance novels.
Realizing she was ogling him like an idiot, Mya smile. She reached for the small, red box of chocolates and held it out to him.
“Yes, but before you write me a ticket, wanna be my Valentine?”

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RWANYC said…
I love this!! What a creative way to greet a gorgeous cop! Yes you had me going and the surprise at the end made me smile. Beautifully done!
Christina Cole said…
LOL! Loved it. Very creative. I'm wondering if she got the ticket or not. :)
Sarah Cass said…
Ha! What a great spin on it...wonder if that line got her out of the ticket!!
Lindsay said…
Love the twist at the end. Wonder if it worked
Karen Cino said…
I loved this. What a cool way to flirt with gorgeous man. Hope he doesn't give her a ticket and asks for her phone number. Excellent job.
triciaandersen said…
I was expecting her to ask if he wanted a chocolate. I hope he skips the ticket and says yes to being her Valentine!
Iris B said…
You will tell us the answer next week, won't ya ? Great ending. AND i love the fact she's driving a Jeep Wrangler !!!!