SUPERNATURAL - My 8 Favorite Quotes!

The Winchester brothers are back - finally! And to celebrate tonight's premiere of Supernatural Season 8, I've listed 8 of my favorite lines/quotes from some of the show's dynamic characters.

Gotta love great dialogue. Enjoy!
  1. "I'm gonna fry her up extra-crispy." -Dean
  2. "Idjit." -Bobby
  3. "Your peanut butter has been in my chocolate for far too long." -Crowley
  4. "Son-na-va-BITCH!" -Dean
  5. "Yeah Dean, I think 6 seconds is too soon." -Sam
  6. "Balls" -Bobby
  7. "Death is our bitch." -Dean
  8. "Bollucks." -Crowley
What's your favorite??


Anonymous said…
The characters of Supernatural have too many lines and quotes to pick favorites, but Dean always has the best quotes! I finally just got my coworkers at DISH to start watching the show, too, but they have to finish watching the last couple of seasons first. I’ll be recording every episode, however, with my Hopper to that they can watch it once they are done. I can’t wait for tonight’s premiere of season 8. This could be the best season in years for sure!
Shara Moon said…
That is so true - Dean does have the best lines and there are too many to choose! Looking forward to another great season!
Lena, Supernatural is my favorite show and certainly rampant with wonderful quotes!