Hot n' Sprung Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Hot n' Sprung Blog Hop!
That sweet spot between spring and summer is one of my favorite times of the season. It's when things earlier in the year seem to wind down and everything just seems newer, fresher, and brighter. This year, that moment is going to be particularly special because I will be releasing my new series, The Queen Quartette...

This series has been in the works for over a year and I'm excited to finally be sharing the final product soon! This four book series feature a cast of characters that come together in a saga filled with drama, sensual steamy sex, and the kind of love that will leave you breathless...

Projected Release Schedule:
*His Flower Queen • *His Bedpost Queen  Queen of His Heart His Diamond Queen (May)                        (May/June)                        (June/July)                   (July)
(*First two books are re-releases of briefly pre-pubbed versions that have been revised & retitled.)

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What do you think makes a hot spring/summer read?

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Ray said…
I love romance on beach...A fun, sexy read overall.

collenga said…
Anything that makes you blush while reading it!