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Welcome to another Sexy Saturday! Today's Valentine's Day and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take part. Today I'm featuring my upcoming release, B IS FOR BEDPOST, which will be released next week. It's a short erotic romance featuring my favorite couple, David and Tena, from HIS BEDPOST QUEEN.

This story first started off as a project to be part of an anthology but when that project fell through, I decided to release it on it's own, which made for a nice segue to their full-length sequel coming this fall.

In this short, the story literally starts off where their last story ended and follows them on their vacation far from Las Vegas. If you haven't already read their story in HIS BEDPOST QUEEN—what are you waiting for?!? ;)

In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek! 
Without warning, Davie grabbed her towel and pulled her over him. She braced herself against his chest, but was in no hurry to rise from his hard frame.

“What are you doing?”

He smiled crookedly. “What does it look like I’m doing?” He wrapped his arms around her. “I’m about to start our own dance party right here on this bed.”

“Hmm…” She closed her eyes briefly, enjoying the pleasure of his warm lips against her neck. “You know dancing with you gets me all wet.”

His arms tightened around her and his eyes turned a stormy gray. “Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah…” she murmured, staring down at his lips, trying to hold back a laugh. “You sweat a lot.”

He burst out laughing then pinched her butt. “Well, I can’t help it,” he said, his bright eyes gleaming mischievously, “when you use all your best moves.”

Newly engaged couple Athena Lewis and David Carrone are off to celebrate the best way they know how—in bed someplace far from the glittering lights of Las Vegas. They arrive on a private island where pleasure, fun, and relaxation awaits—or so they believe.

When they are invited to the island’s most exclusive club, they soon discover that the “Mansion” is no ordinary nightclub. Luckily, David and Tena are no ordinary couple. Looking to add more excitement to their relationship, they take the opportunity to explore their secret desires. But a night of passionate exploration brings back painful memories from Tena’s past and pushes them further from each other.

Afraid to let her past sever their special bond, Tena sets out to prove to David just how much she trusts him with her body—even if it means balancing on the edge of danger…

Coming 2•20•15

Happy (Sexy) Valentine's Day!


PJ DEAN said…
A stress-free snippet I suppose before all hell breaks loose. Yeah, mos def, the calm before the storm.
Dakota Trace said…
What a sexy snippet and the cover....damn!