Making October Awesome!

I can't believe we're already in October but I'm excited about this month! I have lots of things planned, including the final edits for my last book in the Queen Quartette series (YAY!), prepping for my first solo Facebook party coming this November, and also a secret project that I'm keeping my fingers crossed about and looking forward to announcing soon.
$.99 sale starts 10/5!
I'm also planning to do a "Big Push" (promo-wise) for the first book in the Queen series, HIS FLOWER QUEEN, where the book will be on sale for .99ct through the month of October. Doing any kind of promo is never a guarantee but I'm really looking forward to getting the word out on the series and am keeping my fingers crossed that I gain lots of new readers! =)

Now that we're down to three more months until the New Year, I do find myself doing lots of reflecting of what I've accomplished this year and what I have left to see through. And instead of counting down the days 'til 2015, I'm going to enjoy every moment we have left in 2014. A lot of great thing and not-so-great things have happened since January and I planning make more happy memories this month and the future months to come.

Happy October!