My Sexy Saturday!

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! Here is a sexy teaser from my latest release,
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“Let’s go find some privacy,” Gabe whispered, trailing feather-light kisses down her neck, both their breaths coming out in soft pants.

Nina pulled away from him, laughing to cover her growing desire. “There’s no one here.”

He looked around the quiet seating area and shook his head. “For what I have in mind, this won’t do.”

The look in his eyes was one she was all too familiar with. Eyes darkened and face slightly flushed—it was the look he got when he wanted to be inside her, and she shivered from her own rising need.


Lynn Crain said…
And a very nice teaser it is. I love the cover as it invokes all sorts of things in my mind. That as well as the fact he wants more privacy makes this a very sexy snippet. Thanks for sharing.
PJ DEAN said…
Whoa! More privacy needed in an already lonely area? He really wants to go wild! TEE HEE!
Unknown said…
Thanks Lynn and PJ for dropping by! And yeah, it gets a little wild after that... ;)
Lynn said…
Intriguing excerpt! I think I need to get to know these characters!