A History of "Loving" Relationships... #GiveawayBlogHop

Welcome to the 2014 Loving Day Blog Hop! This is my 2nd year participating in this blog hop hosted by the Swirl Awards and I'm excited to be celebrating this trailblazing couple and the many interracial couples before them.

Before Mildred and Richard Loving, there were a few other couples who defied society's rules and followed their heart. Check out these historical couples that saw beyond color and found their own "Loving" relationship!

Fredrick Douglass & Helen Pitts (married 1884)
Who knew iconic historical figure, Frederick Douglass' had been in an interracial relationship. His second wife, Helen Pitts, was a white abolitionist (the one seated in the photo, if you couldn't tell by the loving way she stares off at him) who married Douglass despite objections from both sides of their family. Helen goes on to say: "Love came to me, and I was not afraid to marry the man I loved because of his color."

Pearl Mae Bailey & Louie Bellson (married 1952)
This is a romance story come to life! Famous actress and singer, Pearl, meets famous jazz drummer, Louie, in London and after a four day(!) courtship, this pair got married--and stayed married for 38 years! It was Louie's third and Pearl's 1st and this goes to show that third time IS the charm. =)

George Stevens and Lucinda "Cinda" Flake (married 1872)
Another IR married couple in the 19th century, George (whose mother was Spanish) and Cinda reportedly met during a square dance gathering. Though interracial marriages would later go on to become illegal in Utah after their marriage, I would like to think they went to live happily ever after. =)

Joseph Laroche and Juliette Lafargue (married 1908)
Lastly, the couple that intrigued me the most as I was putting this list together. If the movie TITANIC had broke from "tradition" and featured an interracial couple, Joseph and Juliette would have been the stars. This one is a tragic true love story of a husband who saved his pregnant wife and daughters while aboard the Titanic. Joseph, the only black man reported to be on the Titanic that fateful night, faced obscene amounts of scorn and discrimination for his relationship with Juliette ye that didn't stop him from taking charge and making sure his wife and children made it to safety. My kind of hero!

You can read more about Josepth and Juliette's story here, along with other fascinating IR couples.

Now tell me who's your favorite famous IR couple--past or present. Two lucky commenters will get a chance to win either a copy of my upcoming release anthology FOR LOVE & LIBERTY or a $10 gift card! The anthology is a treat that includes my first short historical romance, and three other multicultural stories!

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bn100 said…
David Bowie and Iman
Fiona McGier said…
My favorite IR couple is local celebrity and movie reviewer, the late Roger Ebert and his wife Chazz. She stuck by him through everything, proving that true love is more powerful than anything!
Swirl Awards said…
Thank you for participating in the Loving Day Hop!
Felicia said…
My favorite IR couples are Viola Davis & Julius Tennon, and Alfre Woddard & Roderick Spencer.
Unknown said…
Thanks ladies for commenting! I have so many but I would have to saw Robert DeNiro and his wife. Saw a recent photo of them and they look so much in love. =)
kaisquared said…
Fiona already posted my favorite, Chaz and Robert Ebert.
Unknown said…
Thanks you all for participating in the Loving Day blog hop and for commenting!

Congrats goes to Mary and Felicia for winning the prizes. =)