Virtual Book Tour: Deleted Scene from "Because This Is Forever"

Happy Friday! It's the day after Thanksgiving, and I want to say how thankful I am of the support I've received on this tour. Now that we're on the final stretch, I wanted to offer an excerpt of the story. But this one is different in that it has never been published. 

The scene below was deleted during the editing process to keep the story going. It was a short scene of Mia and Mikey getting ready to surprise Nate with new photos in his home office. Though it was a cute scene, it added no real significance to the story. But then I thought this was the best to share.

[Deleted Scene]

They were in his office now, putting up a few pictures. She was having a hard time deciding where to put the large, black-and-white close-up shot of her and a one-year-old Mikey, where he was placing an innocent kiss on her lips. It was one of her favorite photos of them.

Mia finally decided on a spot, which faced his desk. Except there was an elegant panoramic photo of the Chicago skyline at night on the same spot.

Oh, well.

She climbed on the small step stool, thinking to hang their picture above the elongated photo. She began pounding the nail into the wall as Mikey stood beside her, holding their photo. The vibrations from her hammer must have been strong because, to her horror, the panoramic photo fell off the wall with a loud crash.

Shoot,” Mia muttered looking down at the map cracked photo and broken frame.

“Oooh, Mommy,” Mikey said, his eyes saucers. Mia stepped down and picked up the broken picture. “You broke it,” her son felt the need to point out.

Mia sighed. “I know,” she muttered. Well at least now she had a better spot for her photo. “Just don’t tell daddy.”

Mikey scrunched his small shoulders. “I won’t!”

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Unknown said…
Great deleted scene! So sweet :)
Belinda G said…
I liked the deleted scene! Too bad it had to go! I would have liked to see what happened after Nate came back in and found the broken picture and the new photos up. It would have been priceless to see if Mikey actually kept the secret! LOL

Belinda G
belgre at comcast dot net
Unknown said…
Belinda, just realized my response didn't post (ugh, blogger!). But I'm glad you liked the deleted scene--I did struggle with that decision but at least I have it to share, lol! And I'm sure Mikey didn't keep it a secret, lol.
Unknown said…
Ooh! I love to read deleted scenes.