Five Ways to Be More Green...

Happy Earth Day! It's nice to see there's an official day/week to celebrating our planet. We only have one so we should take care. To help with this initiative of saving our Earth, I've made some changes in my lifestyle and I think we all should all do our part. Here are five easy things I've adopted--and you can too!--to being more green.
  1.  Buy a water filter to refill your water gallons/jug/pitcher
  2. Spend the .99ct and get those reusable bags for your groceries
  3. Opt in to receive bills electronically and pay bills online
  4. Switch your light bills to the energy efficient ones--they really do save on the electric bill!
  5.  Use matches over lighters--I love the strike of a match when burning my candles so this was an easy one ;)
Here's to a cleaner, greener planet!