New Release Alert!

I have a surprise new release! If you're a fan of Carly Phillips’ Dare series, particularly DARE TO HOLD, you will enjoy my sexy contribution, HER SEDUCTIVE DARE—a contemporary romance about a fun-loving 1st grade teacher falling in love with a possessive former athlete.

Nadia Pierre has always had a competitive spirit. When a game of truth or dare shoves her in the direction of a sexy, brooding stranger at the bar, she realizes just how in over her head she is. Struck by an unwavering attraction to the beautiful but tipsy grade school teacher, Sean Colt isn’t prepared for the kiss that hurls them both toward a night filled with explosive passion. Yet when a sudden tragedy reveals a daunting family secret, Sean is left uncertain of everyone around him. Except Nadia...
(International Kindle readers, see below on how to access Kindle World titles.)

“My name’s Nadia.”
He quickly ran his eyes along the length of her, and for a moment, she thought he was going to turn back to the game and ignore her completely. But he took her hand and held it in his large, rough hand.
He held her hand a moment longer, the warmth of it sending small currents of electricity shooting up along her skin.
“Nice to meet you, Sean.”
Nadia tried to tug her hand out of his grip, but suddenly he tightened his hold. She stared at him, surprise making her forget why she was even standing there beside him, as if it was normal for her to start up conversations with strange men at bars.
“You seem nervous, Nadia.”
“I do?” Her voice was barely a whisper. “Maybe because I am.”
He lifted a thick, dark brow. “Why?”
She swallowed, then shrugged. She had never been good at lying…
“I don’t know. Maybe because you’re big and scary and something about you makes me nervous.”
She could tell from the shift in his expression that he wasn’t too thrilled to hear that. Damn it. She was ruining it.
“Well, there’s no need for you to be.” He pulled her close and said in her ear, “Unless you want me to take you home and fuck you until you can’t walk, I’m not interested. So you’re perfectly safe.”
Nadia sucked in a breath at his crassness. Sean released her hand and turned back to the television. Just as she believed he would, he ignored her. He took a healthy swallow of his beer, his attention focused on the game. The bartender returned with her drink, and she pulled the glass toward her and took several long sips from the thin straw.
Any other night, from any other man, she would have thrown her drink on him and made it back to her girls, but this wasn’t just any other night—and he was no ordinary man.
Tonight, she wouldn’t be the same boring Nadia.
“Sean?” She rested her hand lightly on his thick shoulders, and beneath her palm, his muscles tensed. He returned his gaze to her, and his penetrating stare was nerve-racking.
“Sean, what if I fucked you until you couldn’t walk?” 
INTERNATIONAL READERS can buy Kindle Worlds titles from the Kindle Worlds US site only. Unfortunately, that means that readers using Amazon UK, CA, and AU are going to have to be a little creative and tenacious to get ahold of a copy. This is a method author one of my author friends came up with, tested, and confirmed:

–Log into your Amazon UK, CA, or AU account.

–Add a United States address to your list of one-click addresses. You could try a hotel address or other business address you find online. The program is only concerned with confirming it is a legit address, not your address.

–Go to Manage Your Content & Devices, and under Country settings, change your location to US. Amazon will ask you to select an address. Select the US address you added to your one-click addresses.

–Now you can click on the Amazon US link, buy the book, and it will download onto your designated device.

–Once the book is downloaded, go back through the process changing everything back to your home country.