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“Can I kiss you, muñeca?”
Judith’s heart skipped, but he didn’t wait for her response. Leaning down, he brushed his lips lightly across hers. Once, twice…then again. His touch was light and sweet. Her reaction was anything but.
The soft caress sent a charge through her, igniting a fire that had been smoldering for far too long. The fervor raging through her was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. In that moment, a firestorm of desire erupted inside her. She came alive again.
With an unsteady breath, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back.
He didn’t miss a beat.
Crushing her to him, he slanted his head and devoured her lips with his. She returned his kiss with all the pent-up passion and need surging through her.
Their bodies strained against each other as his erection pushed firmly along her belly. Clutching at his shoulders, she arched against him, wanting—no, needing—to get as close to him as she could. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, and she gently sucked at it, licking, teasing, and taking all that he gave.
She craved him. Craved his touch and his heat.
With an arm wrapped tightly around her waist, the other gripping the under curves of her butt, Carlos pulled her firmly to him and they ground against each other.
She wanted to feel all of him, and he obviously wanted the same thing. He shoved solidly against her and they fell back against the supply shelf, rattling a few items to the ground, but never breaking contact.
He walked them farther back into the supply room, where the illumination of the downlighting couldn’t reach them, and set her on the smooth surface of the high counter. Her tight skirt constricted her movements some, but she managed to spread her legs slightly. She cradled his hips, loving the heat and hardness of him pushed against her.
Dragging his lips away from hers, he trailed soft kisses down her neck. His trim facial hair grazed against her sensitive skin, leaving traces of heat behind. Small shivers coursed through her as he began sucking strongly at a tender spot just above her collarbone. She gasped softly, unable to stop the low moan that escaped her lips.
Still clutching at his shoulder, she brought her other hand up to his hair and ran her fingers through the short, wavy strands. They were softer than she’d imagined and she clutched her fingers around his dark hair as he moved his lips up to the underside of her jaw, still kissing and gently sucking on her delicate skin.
“Quiero probarte, muñeca,” he rasped close to her ear.
Everything in her trembled at his husky words. She didn’t know what he’d said, but the words stirred something deep inside her.
He moved to another spot on her neck, gently nipping again at the tender flesh and she released a shuddering breath, her grip tightening around his hair.
Bringing his lips inches from hers, he stared down at her with eyes as dark and rich as his low, baritone voice.
“Can I, muñeca?” Carlos asked, his hands sliding down her waist until they gripped her hips. “Taste you?”
Judith gazed at him through lowered lids, her fingers now clenching and unclenching around his rigid shoulders. She loved the way he kissed her, loved the way his tongue slid along hers. And she wanted him to do it again.
He flicked his tongue lightly across the lower edge of her mouth and she instinctively sucked in her bottom lip.
“Say yes,” he prompted, his grip tightening around the soft curves of her hips.
“Yes,” she breathed.