Loving Day Blog Hop: A Love Story

We've all heard the story of Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving, the interracial couple living in the 50's that shook the Supreme Court and changed history.

In 1959, Mildred and Richard were sentenced to one year in prison for violating Virginia's anti-miscegenation law for marrying each other. Loving vs. Virginia was a landmark civil rights case that ultimately ended unlawful restrictions on interracial marriages in the US.

The Lovings fought the law and won.

But we mustn't forget that at the end of it all, their story is a love story--about a couple who simply fell in love. Though their road to happily ever after did not come without bumps and roadblocks, they managed to get through it and went on to love each other and raise a family. Today, I want to celebrate them and dedicate this post to their lovely story.

But a celebration is not complete without prizes! In honor of Loving Day, I will be giving away a DVD copy of The Loving Story, an HBO documentary, which premiered on Valentines day 2012. It tells the story of this historical couple and examines the drama, the history, and the current state of interracial marriage and tolerance in the US. Winner will be announced on June 13th.

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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
To me, The Loving Story shows that true love can bring down walls that ignorance has build up. That the souls of the people, regardless of race, will endure and overcome the few that try to break them down. That those who think they can tell people what they can and cannot do based on the color of their skin (or the religion for which they choose etc) will, in time, be the minority not the majority because ignorance will, in the end, not win out. (Hopefully this all holds more true than not!)

Thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway and I hope everyone has a wonderful day,

Shelly H

(Sorry for the first deleted comment up there, I'm dumb and forgot things)
Ursula Renee said…
I have read articles about the Lovings and their story is inspiring. They had a love strong enough to keep them together even in the face of ugliness.
Cassie said…
The Lovings story is inspiring, courageous, and beautiful! I love to see two people fight for love no matter their race or the backlash.

My husband was about to celebrate his first birthday when the decision came. I wondered if is parents thought that decision would impact their family. I so appreciate the Loving's impact on my life!
Meghan said…
It means freedom from oppression. It's a beautiful story.
This is such a great idea for a giveaway hop! IR couples are beautiful and I honestly think they create the most beautiful babies!!
Thanks for the giveaway! I'm gonna keep hopping along!

mestith at gmail dot com
Chynarey said…
It means that Love has no boundaries...

Tina B said…
Love knows no bounds. :)
To me, it means that I was able to marry my husband.
Thank you for this wonderful hop and giveaway!
Tina B said…
follow GFC ~ Tina B
trb0917 at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
Thanks to all those who hopped over to my blog and commented! The Loving's story is truly a beautiful one.

And congratulations to Tina B. for winning my blog hop giveaway!
Tina B said…
Thank you so much, Lena! I have not watched this yet, so I am excited to! :)