Opening Lines...

Spend 10 minutes brainstorming the best, most intriguing opening lines that you can. Then pick your favorite & run with it.

"I always hated it when it rained."

"She didn't want to be anywhere near him when the news broke."

"He could feel the strain building between them. And it wasn't in the air. It was in him pants."

"Never in a million, thousand years would she have done something like that."

"Today was turning out to be a son-of-a-bitch."

Follow these lines and see where they take you:

If I could tell you just one thing about that night . . . I would have to kill you just to keep it between you, me, and him.”

The only thing that really scares me anymore is . . . peanut butter and not-so-jelly sandwiches.”

The first time I learned I really couldn’t fly was when . . . I had to endure the stares and snickers of everyone who witness the most embarrassing moment of my life!”