Two Lies and a Truth

Two lies and a truth. What does that mean? Well it is a little something I learned at the Creative 101 Workshop at Gotham Writers by Carolyn MacCullough. You basically write down two truths and one lie about yourself or things that have happened in your life. You never reveal which is the lie but they help to get your creative juices flowing. We did some in class and I thought it was a great writing exercise! So check out my "two truths and a lie" - not in that order, hahaha!
  1. On our way to school one early morning, my little sister and I found a pile of money in small bills littered across the dew stained grass.
  2. On a work retreat to Arizona one summer, I got lost in the Arizona desert for 3 days.
  3. I once lied and said I had a hereditary illness so I could get out of work for a day.
Have fun figuring out which is the lie! AND guessing what the outcome of my truths are!