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New Release Alert!

I'm excited to release my 2nd release in the "Dare to Love" Kindle World series. IT'S A DARE, BABY is the sequel to Sean and Nadia's romance in HER SEDUCTIVE DARE. If you haven't read it, you may want to grab a copy!

Sean and Nadia Colt understand just how much parenthood changes things. Their energetic 6-month-old does his best to keep them exhausted with little energy left for “mommy and daddy” time. Nadia, however, is determined to be the perfect mother and wife—until the high expectations she set for herself begins to take its toll. 
When an unexpected development adds another layer of strain between them, Sean decides a pre-holiday “mommy getaway” might be just what his wife needs. Left alone for the weekend with his hyperactive son, Sean soon develops a deeper appreciation for his wife’s role in their lives. 
But there’s someone who eagerly wants back into his… Will Sean’s newfound regard for family allow him to truly forgive his estranged mother and ma…

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#ColorOfLove Blog Hop

Welcome to the Colo of Love blog hop! I'm excited to be participating again this year and eager to get 1-clicking these amazing interracial/multicultural romance novels. If you're looking for another book to add to your TBR pile, be sure to check out my historical romance, AMAZING GRACE, which you can find in the anthology The Brightest Day.

In my contributing story, a black mail-order bride is being aided in her journey west by a former Confederate soldier. But Gracie is torn between following through with her mission or succumbing to her feelings for the rugged ex-soldier. The anthology features a total of 4 IR/MC romances of love, light, and hope and all for just $0.99. You don't want to miss out on this limited time deal!

Don't forget to check out the books in the Color of Love hop and be sure to enter for a chance to win some really cool prizes! Happy hopping. 💖

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Check out my chat with author Blue Saffire!

Daughters of a Nation: "In the Morning Sun"

There's only one more week left before the official release of Daughters of a Nation! My anthology sisters and I are excited to be sharing this anthology with the world and I'm especially thrilled to be sharing a bit about my story in the collection...

With the election of 1868 underway, Madeline Asher’s mission is clear: educate and enlist the freedmen of Nebraska to vote. After losing the man she loves to war—and a small piece of herself along the way—Madeline is determined to reclaim her life by making a difference in others. But when Union veteran James Blakemore III comes back into her life, Madeline must choose between a future she’s always wanted and the chance to shape a greater nation.

(Photographs by William C Withers and Mathew Brady)
For those of you who are familiar with my story AMAZING GRACE in our last anthology, The Brightest Day, you'll remember Madeline Asher as the mail-order bride being sent to Montana and who was also the travel compa…

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New Release Alert!

I have a surprise new release! If you're a fan of Carly Phillips’ Dare series, particularly DARE TO HOLD, you will enjoy my sexy contribution, HER SEDUCTIVE DARE—a contemporary romance about a fun-loving 1st grade teacher falling in love with a possessive former athlete.
Nadia Pierre has always had a competitive spirit. When a game of truth or dare shoves her in the direction of a sexy, brooding stranger at the bar, she realizes just how in over her head she is. Struck by an unwavering attraction to the beautiful but tipsy grade school teacher, Sean Colt isn’t prepared for the kiss that hurls them both toward a night filled with explosive passion. Yet when a sudden tragedy reveals a daunting family secret, Sean is left uncertain of everyone around him. Except Nadia... An Amazon US Kindle World exclusive. (International Kindle readers, see below on how to access Kindle World titles.)
**EXCERPT** “My name’s Nadia.” He quickly ran his eyes along the length of her, and for a moment, she t…

Coming Soon! "Daughters of a Nation" Historical Romance Anthology

(November 2016)
The fight for suffrage was long, hard, and carried out on many fronts. In this anthology, Kianna Alexander, Alyssa Cole, Lena Hart, and Piper Huguley (authors of THE BRIGHTEST DAY anthology) bring you four novellas full of spirit, hope, and, most importantly: LOVE.
With the election of 1868 underway, Madeline Asher’s mission is clear: educate and enlist the freedmen of Nebraska to vote. After losing the man she loved to war—and a small piece of herself along the way—Madeline leaves her life in Philadelphia behind, determined to reclaim her life’s purpose by making a difference in others.

With America’s Southern Rebellion at an end, so are the efforts of Union veteran James Blakemore. Tired of the injustices still plaguing the young country, he sets his sights toward his Canadian roots—until fate guides him back to the love he thought he’d lost.
Vowing never to leave her side again, James joins Madeline in her cause …

Author Spotlight: Julia Kelly's Top 5 Historical Romances + Giveaway!

I'm excited to be featuring Julia Kelly on my blog today and the release of her new GOVERNESS series! This sexy regency series have been on my must-read for a while and I can't wait to dive right into them. Book 1 is available now and the other 2 are available pre-order so get to 1-clicking. =D Then come back and check out Julia's top 5 historical romances below—--some of which are my own favorites! ♥ --- Thank you, Lena for inviting me to celebrate the release of my first historical romance, The Governess Was Wicked!

Historicals were my entry point into romance when I first started reading around 11 or 12. The books I started out with were very sweet and, although I soon moved on to “spicier” books, I never lost my love of the genre.
Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite historical romance with your readers. They’re also the books I recommend most often when someone says, “Where should I start reading romance?” so if you’re looking for an entry point into the ge…

#99cents Sale: HIS DIAMOND QUEEN

Loyalty comes at a cost… Former MMA fighter, Jay Price stays connected with Vegas’ criminal underbelly and for the right price he’ll take on any job. Yet when he’s hired to babysit a beautiful, spoiled “princess,” he finds himself both fascinated—and irritated—by his sudden attraction to her. 
As the beloved secret daughter to a ruthless crime boss, Rachelle Silva wants for nothing—except freedom from her overprotective father. But with her identity compromised and her life threatened, Rachelle is given the one thing she’s hated most: an escort. 
Confused by her attraction to the tattooed “thug,” Rachelle sets out to make Jay as aware of her as she is of him. Unfortunately, the threats to her life are all too real and Jay is forced to bring her into his “world” until the threat is...eliminated. But he has an even bigger fight on his hands—his desire for the one woman he’s forbidden to have…

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Book Spotlight: LIES YOU TELL by LaQuette

I'm so excited to be featuring LIES YOU TELL by LaQuette on my blog today!  I had the pleasure of hearing all about this book before publication and now that it's here, with a ultra sexy cover at that, I can't 1-click fast enough.
Happy new release LaQuette!
Lies You Tell by LaQuette  Blurb:
A mob boss finding his dead lover alive six years after her death, shocking.  Learning they’ve got a five-year-old son…deadly.