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My Sexy Saturday! #51

Sneak peek into my upcoming release, HIS BEDPOST QUEEN!

~~~ She offered him her sexiest smile. “You can continue staring at me,” she said with a small shrug, then glanced down at his hand then his crotch. “Or you can come here—with or without the gun—but I think we can have more fun with just your gun barrel.”
Jeez! Where did that come from? But Athena held on to her seductive smile, gliding her fingers slowly down her hips to her thighs to give her tense body something to do.
His eyes followed her fingers. “I’m good right here. I can enjoy the view and still hold on to my gun.” He smirked. “Both of them.”
Shit.What now? She needed him to come to her…
With another small shrug, she murmured, “You can do both. I’m in no rush. Whenever you stop feeling scared, you can come here and let me have a turn.”Her heart was still racing, but there was a new kind of interest in his eyes. A blend of curious amusement and primal competitiveness.
“Sweetheart, I don’t think you can handle what I’m packing…