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Daughters of a Nation: "In the Morning Sun"

There's only one more week left before the official release of Daughters of a Nation! My anthology sisters and I are excited to be sharing this anthology with the world and I'm especially thrilled to be sharing a bit about my story in the collection...

With the election of 1868 underway, Madeline Asher’s mission is clear: educate and enlist the freedmen of Nebraska to vote. After losing the man she loves to war—and a small piece of herself along the way—Madeline is determined to reclaim her life by making a difference in others. But when Union veteran James Blakemore III comes back into her life, Madeline must choose between a future she’s always wanted and the chance to shape a greater nation.

(Photographs by William C Withers and Mathew Brady)

For those of you who are familiar with my story AMAZING GRACE in our last anthology, The Brightest Day, you'll remember Madeline Asher as the mail-order bride being sent to Montana and who was also the travel companion for my heroine, Gracie Shaw. In that story, Madeline doesn't quite make it to Montana and you'll soon learn why.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed writing this story about a head-strong woman looking to make a difference in her country and the Union soldier she loved and lost. This story took me through a roller coaster of emotions and not just from writing Madeline and James story but from the research that I went through to pull this book together. I learned so much about people I had never heard of—people who came before and fought hard and valiantly to keep this country united and to fulfill its promise of liberty and freedom for all. Women like Frances Ellen Watkins Harper—who is well known as one of the first African American suffragette and perhaps not so well known for being the "Rosa Parks" of her time when she refused to give up her seat in a segregated trolley in Philadelphia. She was a huge inspiration and influence in my story and to my heroine, Madeline.

But when writing historicals, it's hard not to get lost in the research. The story is set during the first presidential election since the end of the Civil War and since the emancipation proclamation freed all slaves and gave African American men the right to vote. During that time, the climate of the country was not at it's best. IN THE MORNING SUN addresses a lot of those tough issues, which are sadly still applicable today—issues such as unlawful voter restrictions, neglect of our veterans, women rights and the lack thereof, racism and inequality.

However, I am and will always be a romance writer first, so despite these sensitive topics, there is still a central love story and of course a happily-ever-after.

Daughters of a Nation is an anthology filled with stories that are meant to bring about a sense of spirit, hope, and love. It spans several time periods of struggles for not just women rights but human rights. That is what makes are nation great—the people that came before that fought and struggle for the rights we enjoy now. And what continues to make our country great is those who continue that fight so that for liberty, equality, and justice for all.

Now for a special sneak peek into IN THE MORNING SUN...

In this flashback scene, Madeline recalls the moment James tells her of his plans to enlist in the Union army.

“I don’t want you to go, Jimmy.”

His expression softened. “I have to join, Maddie. The victory at Gettysburg was only the beginning. If we want an end to come to this rebellion, the Union needs more men to fight.”

"But what of those who have been selected for conscription. The government will have number of men they need to enlist.”

“You’ve read of what’s happening in New York. Those riots are a big setback to our cause and drafting men to fight can’t be the only solution. I for one will not just sit and wait to be called to fight.”

Madeline grabbed his hand and held it tight. “But you can do so much more for the cause here than in any battlefield. You don’t need to risk your life!”

“I have a chance to do more than write recruitment bills and articles. Let me help the Union secure victory against the southern rebels and then you’ll see. Soon, everything we’ve fought hard for will finally be realized.”

She swallowed hard, her next words barely a whisper. “And what if you die?”

He brought her hand to his lips then gifted her with his signature smile. “You worry for naught, love. This war is close to coming to an end and you forget. I’m too stubborn to die.” ♥

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New Release Alert!

I have a surprise new release! If you're a fan of Carly Phillips’ Dare series, particularly DARE TO HOLD, you will enjoy my sexy contribution, HER SEDUCTIVE DARE—a contemporary romance about a fun-loving 1st grade teacher falling in love with a possessive former athlete.

Nadia Pierre has always had a competitive spirit. When a game of truth or dare shoves her in the direction of a sexy, brooding stranger at the bar, she realizes just how in over her head she is. Struck by an unwavering attraction to the beautiful but tipsy grade school teacher, Sean Colt isn’t prepared for the kiss that hurls them both toward a night filled with explosive passion. Yet when a sudden tragedy reveals a daunting family secret, Sean is left uncertain of everyone around him. Except Nadia...
(International Kindle readers, see below on how to access Kindle World titles.)

“My name’s Nadia.”
He quickly ran his eyes along the length of her, and for a moment, she thought he was going to turn back to the game and ignore her completely. But he took her hand and held it in his large, rough hand.
He held her hand a moment longer, the warmth of it sending small currents of electricity shooting up along her skin.
“Nice to meet you, Sean.”
Nadia tried to tug her hand out of his grip, but suddenly he tightened his hold. She stared at him, surprise making her forget why she was even standing there beside him, as if it was normal for her to start up conversations with strange men at bars.
“You seem nervous, Nadia.”
“I do?” Her voice was barely a whisper. “Maybe because I am.”
He lifted a thick, dark brow. “Why?”
She swallowed, then shrugged. She had never been good at lying…
“I don’t know. Maybe because you’re big and scary and something about you makes me nervous.”
She could tell from the shift in his expression that he wasn’t too thrilled to hear that. Damn it. She was ruining it.
“Well, there’s no need for you to be.” He pulled her close and said in her ear, “Unless you want me to take you home and fuck you until you can’t walk, I’m not interested. So you’re perfectly safe.”
Nadia sucked in a breath at his crassness. Sean released her hand and turned back to the television. Just as she believed he would, he ignored her. He took a healthy swallow of his beer, his attention focused on the game. The bartender returned with her drink, and she pulled the glass toward her and took several long sips from the thin straw.
Any other night, from any other man, she would have thrown her drink on him and made it back to her girls, but this wasn’t just any other night—and he was no ordinary man.
Tonight, she wouldn’t be the same boring Nadia.
“Sean?” She rested her hand lightly on his thick shoulders, and beneath her palm, his muscles tensed. He returned his gaze to her, and his penetrating stare was nerve-racking.
“Sean, what if I fucked you until you couldn’t walk?” 
INTERNATIONAL READERS can buy Kindle Worlds titles from the Kindle Worlds US site only. Unfortunately, that means that readers using Amazon UK, CA, and AU are going to have to be a little creative and tenacious to get ahold of a copy. This is a method author one of my author friends came up with, tested, and confirmed:

–Log into your Amazon UK, CA, or AU account.

–Add a United States address to your list of one-click addresses. You could try a hotel address or other business address you find online. The program is only concerned with confirming it is a legit address, not your address.

–Go to Manage Your Content & Devices, and under Country settings, change your location to US. Amazon will ask you to select an address. Select the US address you added to your one-click addresses.

–Now you can click on the Amazon US link, buy the book, and it will download onto your designated device.

–Once the book is downloaded, go back through the process changing everything back to your home country.

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Coming Soon! "Daughters of a Nation" Historical Romance Anthology

(November 2016)
The fight for suffrage was long, hard, and carried out on many fronts. In this anthology, Kianna Alexander, Alyssa Cole, Lena Hart, and Piper Huguley (authors of THE BRIGHTEST DAY anthology) bring you four novellas full of spirit, hope, and, most importantly: LOVE.

With the election of 1868 underway, Madeline Asher’s mission is clear: educate and enlist the freedmen of Nebraska to vote. After losing the man she loved to war—and a small piece of herself along the way—Madeline leaves her life in Philadelphia behind, determined to reclaim her life’s purpose by making a difference in others.

With America’s Southern Rebellion at an end, so are the efforts of Union veteran James Blakemore. Tired of the injustices still plaguing the young country, he sets his sights toward his Canadian roots—until fate guides him back to the love he thought he’d lost.

Vowing never to leave her side again, James joins Madeline in her cause to help the freedmen of Dunesville, despite rising threats and violence. But with the enforcement of Nebraska’s anti-miscegenation laws, Madeline is forced to choose between a life with her new husband or the chance to shape a greater nation.

A RADIANT SOUL, by Kianna Alexander
In 1881, Sarah Webster is returning home to Fayetteville, NC to celebrate her mother's milestone birthday. Having spent the last two years working as a pastry chef in a Cheyenne hotel, she's a very different person than she was when she left. Her efforts towards women's suffrage, unknown to her family back home, are near and dear to her heart. 

Carpenter Owen Markham, charged with building the gazebo that will serve as Mrs. Webster's birthday gift, is intrigued by the middle daughter of the Webster household, whom he's never met before. Her father has decreed that he and Sarah are suited, but when he hears her unconventional stance on women's role in society, he's not so sure a love match can be made.

Atlanta, GA – Summer 1881. When Maime Harper arrives to substitute teach for the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary, she bears witness to the injustice told by some of the older students who are washerwomen. Maime’s upbringing as the daughter of the most famous Black suffragette in America means that she cannot be silent and resolves to help her students find their voice and openly protest their mistreatment. 

When the Black Washerwomen go on strike, summer pastor Gabriel Harmon is brought in to mediate a solution but realizes the feisty leader of the opposition is the young teacher from Milford who previously rejected his attempts to pay court to her. When these two forces collide over explosive events during a hot Atlanta summer, only one will be able to win the battle. However, as they clash, Maime and Gabriel learn that there is another war, the war for the heart, that’s well worth the fight.

LET US DREAM, by Alyssa Cole
Harlem – 1917. After spending half her life pretending to be something she's not, performance is second nature for cabaret owner Bertha Hines. With the election drawing near and women's voting rights on the ballot, Bertha decides to use her persuasive skills to push the men of New York City in the right direction. 

Chef Amir Chowdhury jumped ship in New York to get a taste of the American Dream, only to discover he’s an unwanted ingredient. When ornery Amir reluctantly takes a job at The Cashmere, he thinks he's hit the bottom of the barrel; however, working at the club reignites his dream of being a force for change. His boss, Bertha, ignites something else in him. 

Bertha and Amir clash from the start, but her knowledge of politics and his knowledge of dance force them into a detente that blooms into desire. But Bertha has the vice squad on her tail, and news from home may end Amir’s dream before it comes to fruition. With their pasts and futures stacked against them, can Amir and Bertha hold on to their growing love?

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Author Spotlight: Julia Kelly's Top 5 Historical Romances + Giveaway!

I'm excited to be featuring Julia Kelly on my blog today and the release of her new GOVERNESS series! This sexy regency series have been on my must-read for a while and I can't wait to dive right into them. Book 1 is available now and the other 2 are available pre-order so get to 1-clicking. =D Then come back and check out Julia's top 5 historical romances below--some of which are my own favorites! 
Thank you, Lena for inviting me to celebrate the release of my first historical romance, The Governess Was Wicked!

Historicals were my entry point into romance when I first started reading around 11 or 12. The books I started out with were very sweet and, although I soon moved on to “spicier” books, I never lost my love of the genre.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite historical romance with your readers. They’re also the books I recommend most often when someone says, “Where should I start reading romance?” so if you’re looking for an entry point into the genre these are some strong recommendations.

Devil in Winter, by Lisa Kleypas
Talk to a historical romance author long enough, and you’ll likely hear her gush about Lisa Kleypas. For me, Devil in Winter in the pinnacle of Kleypas’ books. The heroine, an heiress named Evie, wants to escape her horrible relatives, so she proposes a marriage of convenience to Sebastian, a notorious rake who needs money. They elope and both of them are shocked when sparks fly on the night of their wedding. I don’t want to ruin the twists and turns the book takes, but what unfolds is the unlikely story of a man who falls deeply, passionately in love with his wife and proves it to her by fighting for her for the entire book. 

Your Scandalous Ways, by Loretta Chase
Loretta Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels is universally acknowledged as one of the best historical romances ever written, but Your Scandalous Ways is actually my favorite of her books. It has one of my favorite tropes—spies!—and a courtesan heroine, Francesca, who is totally unashamed about the choices she’d made. The hero, James, really just wants to go home and retire to respectability in England after one last mission, but he’s enthralled by Francesca who challenges him even as she frustrates him. The banter that follows is razor sharp, sexy, and not to be missed.

A Week To Be Wicked, by Tessa Dare
I have a not so secret love of road trip books and movies. In fact I love them so much, I set my third book in the Governess series, The Governess Was Wild, on the road. One of my favorite examples of how to do this trope right is Tessa Dare’s wonderful A Week To Be Wicked. It features an archeologist heroine (hello women in STEM) and a rake everyone underestimates. The two of them are so different on paper that they shouldn’t work, but they do. Oh they do.

Let It Shine, by Alyssa Cole
I was lucky enough to read an early version of this wonderful 1960s-set novella that appears in The Brightest Day anthology along with books by Lena, Kianna Alexander, and Piper Huguley. Sofronia is quietly fierce and comes into her own throughout the book. Her relationship with Ivan, who she’s known since she was a child, is the sort of slow burn romance that explodes in intensity. The boxing gym scene is also one of the sexiest things you’ll read all year.

The Countess Conspiracy, by Courtney Milan

Incredibly smart, highly analytical Violet Waterfield has a secret: she’s the one feeding the rakish scientist Sebastian Malheur his brilliant theories. But Sebastian has a secret of his own too: he’s been in love with Violet for years. (Don’t worry, that confession comes early so it’s not a spoiler.) What follows is a deeply emotional, raw love story about two people rediscovering and finding each other.

To celebrate her new series release, Julia is offering an awesome giveaway, which include 2 prize packs of books and gift cards. Be sure to enter below!

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#99cents Sale: HIS DIAMOND QUEEN

Loyalty comes at a cost… 
Former MMA fighter, Jay Price stays connected with Vegas’ criminal underbelly and for the right price he’ll take on any job. Yet when he’s hired to babysit a beautiful, spoiled “princess,” he finds himself both fascinated—and irritated—by his sudden attraction to her. 

As the beloved secret daughter to a ruthless crime boss, Rachelle Silva wants for nothing—except freedom from her overprotective father. But with her identity compromised and her life threatened, Rachelle is given the one thing she’s hated most: an escort. 

Confused by her attraction to the tattooed “thug,” Rachelle sets out to make Jay as aware of her as she is of him. Unfortunately, the threats to her life are all too real and Jay is forced to bring her into his “world” until the threat is...eliminated. But he has an even bigger fight on his hands—his desire for the one woman he’s forbidden to have…

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Book Spotlight: LIES YOU TELL by LaQuette

I'm so excited to be featuring LIES YOU TELL by LaQuette on my blog today! 
I had the pleasure of hearing all about this book before publication and now that it's here, with a ultra sexy cover at that, I can't 1-click fast enough.

Happy new release LaQuette!

Lies You Tell
A mob boss finding his dead lover alive six years after her death, shocking.  Learning they’ve got a five-year-old son…deadly.

Six years ago Sanai Ward fled her life in Florida when her lover’s infidelity nearly brings her life to a fiery end.  Scared and devastated, Sanai starts over from nothing, determined to create a safe and happy life for the child she discovers she’s carrying.

Single parenthood isn’t easy. But the joy of watching her beloved Nazario thrive is more than enough motivation to ignore the ache in her heart for the man that shattered her soul. 

Dante De Luca is a passionate man who’s had his life stolen from him.  Six years ago he was in love and happy, until his woman was killed in a fire. Sanai was gone.  There was nothing left in the ashes but the locket he’d placed around her neck.  Too angry to deal with his loss, Dante seeks to make the rest of the world pay for his broken heart by forming an unholy covenant with an unspeakable ally.  He knows he’ll live to regret it, but signing away your humanity to the devil seems meaningless when your soul is already gone. 

When an accident involving a family member draws Dante to New York, and forces an unexpected meeting between he and Sanai, Dante has to decide what’s more important.  His rage and revenge, or the safety of the woman he once loved and the health of their son?

Just when Sanai’s deception is beginning to sting less, Dante is faced with the fallout of his own lies.  Will she forgive him?  Will they survive them, or will their lives become tragic casualties of the dangerous lies he told?


Loneliness swelled inside her as her mind drifted back over that time. The first three years had been spent raising a child while she fought for a college education. Her son was just six weeks old when she’d entered college. When he refused to let her sleep at night, she’d cradle him in one arm and her respiratory therapy textbooks in the other.

She and Nazario had survived that exercise in torture without bloodshed—well, without too much bloodshed—and they were each still alive. She walked out of community college with a degree, a solid job offer, and a means to support her child and herself on her own terms.

She wouldn’t trade the pride she felt for the life she’d created for the two of them, but she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t missed this particular man’s touch.
She felt a violent tremor shake her insides. She stiffened as a reflex to stop it.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered as he released his hold on her. “I didn’t mean to hold you so tight.”

Please don’t let me go.

If she could only say those words out loud. Beg him to keep her in his embrace, to let her rest for once.

“I was on my way to your house from school when my father called and demanded I take care of an errand for him. It seemed like I was never going to be done. As soon as I finished up I rushed to get to you,” he whispered.

“We were supposed to go away that weekend,” she added softly. They’d been planning that trip since the beginning of the semester. They were going to come up to New York to meet his best friend Big Tony. Dante spent so much time talking about his friend and his friend’s family, Sanai had been just as eager as Dante to put a face to the legend.

“I wanted Big Tony to meet you so badly. I knew I was ready to make a life with you, and I needed you to meet Big Tony and his son before I took the next step. I just wanted to be done with my father’s errand and on our way to New York. I knew once the trip was over I was going to have a ring on your finger and a promise that you were going to be mine forever.”

She closed her eyes to the images his words were creating. There he was in a vivid reality that was so far from the truth of what had actually happened that night, smiling, looking up at her proudly from bended knee with a shiny engagement ring in his hand. She was there too, shaking with happiness, tears streaming down her face, love swelling inside her, threatening to burst her chest open with its fullness.

She would have said yes. There was no question in her mind. She loved him, had loved everything about him with her entire being. If he’d asked her to be his wife, there was no doubt she would have happily agreed.

“I’d finally turned onto your street when I saw all the commotion. I don’t remember how I got out of my car or through the crowd that was out there that night. I just remember seeing the flames licking the dark sky. I remember the water pouring on the house from the fire truck’s hose. It wasn’t until I saw Mrs. Johnson’s old pickup truck that I knew it was your place on fire.”

She heard a break in his voice, a small tremble followed by a sniffle. She didn’t want to see his hurt, not after what she’d done. It was so much easier to just pretend he’d gone on with his life without much fuss over losing her. She spread her fingers across his chest and let him continue.

“I tried my damnedest to get through the crowd, but the authorities caught me. It wasn’t until I saw them bring your body out that all the fight left me. There wasn’t much for me to look at. The only thing that survived on your person was the locket I gave you for your birthday.”

He removed one of his hands from around her back and reached across her to the nightstand. When he brought his hand into her view again, a large, oval, white-gold locket spun from the necklace he was gripping with his thick fingers.

“How did she have your locket, Sanai? Why did you let me believe you were dead all this time?”

Author Bio:
LaQuette is an erotic, multicultural romance author of M/F and M/M love stories.  Her writing style brings intellect to the drama. She often crafts emotionally epic, fantastical tales that are deeply pigmented by reality's paintbrush. Her novels are filled with a unique mixture of savvy, sarcastic, brazen, and unapologetically sexy characters who are confident in their right to appear on the page.

This bestselling Erotic Romance Author is the 2016 Author of the Year Golden Apple Award Winner, 2015 Swirl Awards Bronze Winner in Romantic Suspense, and 2015 Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award Finalist in Erotic Romance. LaQuette—a native of Brooklyn, New York—spends her time catering to her three distinct personalities: Wife, Mother, and Educator.

Writing—her escape from everyday madness—has always been a friend and source of comfort. At the age of sixteen she read her first romance novel and realized the genre was missing something: people that looked and lived like her.  As a result, her characters and settings are always designed to provide positive representations of people of color and various marginalized communities.

She loves hearing from readers and discussing the crazy characters that are running around in her head causing so much trouble.  Contact her on Facebook, Twitter, her website,, Amazon, her Facebook group, LaQuette's Lounge, and via email at

Lies You Tell
Book Trailer