Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Book Blast Tour fit for a Queen!

I'm excited to announce that HIS FLOWER QUEEN, book one in the Queen Quartette series, will be on tour this weekend. There are 20 stops (see below) in the tour and a $20 gift card will be awarded to one lucky commenter so be sure to stop by as many as you can! Good luck and have fun!

Below is the tour schedule for the stops:

Barnes & Noble
Thurs, October 9:
1: Books to Light Your Fire
2: Bunny's Review
3: Unabridged Andra's
4: Romance Novel Giveaways
5: Books and Other Spells
6: Romance Novels in Color
7: SBM Book Obsession
8: Welcome to My World of Dreams
9: Bookgirl Knitting
10: Books N Pearls

Tues, October 10:
1: Punya Reviews...
2: Erotic Author Nancy Adams
3: Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews
4: A Book Addict's Delight
5: It's Raining Books
6: Straight from the Library
7: Long and Short Reviews
8: Behind Closed Doors
9: Kinky Vanilla Romance
10: Reviews by Crystal
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Making October Awesome!

I can't believe we're already in October but I'm excited about this month! I have lots of things planned, including the final edits for my last book in the Queen Quartette series (YAY!), prepping for my first solo Facebook party coming this November, and also a secret project that I'm keeping my fingers crossed about and looking forward to announcing soon.
$.99 sale starts 10/5!
I'm also planning to do a "Big Push" (promo-wise) for the first book in the Queen series, HIS FLOWER QUEEN, where the book will be on sale for .99ct through the month of October. Doing any kind of promo is never a guarantee but I'm really looking forward to getting the word out on the series and am keeping my fingers crossed that I gain lots of new readers! =)

Now that we're down to three more months until the New Year, I do find myself doing lots of reflecting of what I've accomplished this year and what I have left to see through. And instead of counting down the days 'til 2015, I'm going to enjoy every moment we have left in 2014. A lot of great thing and not-so-great things have happened since January and I planning make more happy memories this month and the future months to come.

Happy October!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #61

Here's a steamy mini-excerpt from my new release, QUEEN OF HIS HEART.
“Just a taste,” he whispered thickly.
Her hips lifted slightly, allowing the delicate material to be pulled away from her body. There was a strong pulsing inside her and she wanted him to ease the insistent throbbing. She wanted it badly.
The red panties slipped to the floor and he gently pulled her hips forward until she was on the edge of the counter. Judith leaned back against the wide cork board as he hiked up her skirt. The cool air in the small room rushed between her heated flesh and the sensation of being completely exposed only heightened her desire and anticipation...
Happy Sexy Saturday!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall into Romance #BlogHop

Welcome to this fall's Fall into Romance blog hop! I'm excited to be sharing my upcoming release, QUEEN OF HIS HEART, with you. It's a sexy, emotional, and suspenseful tale about two people who must work through their old and  new heartaches in order to allow their romance to thrive.

This is the 3rd book in the Queen Quartette series and is currently available for pre-order. Release date is set for September 25th so be sure to get in on the "early-bird" special!

Judith's smile stole Carlos' heart...
                                        Her  betrayal tore it apart…

Judith Bell is comfortable with her quiet, predictable life. After a failed relationship left her emotionally—and physically—scarred, she tries her hardest to ignore Carlos Moreno’s advances. But the sexy, dark-eyed security chief is proving very hard to overlook. When fear and blackmail drive her to compromise her new position at Royal Courts, Judith’s serene life is once again disrupted.

Carlos is captivated by his boss’ assistant. Beyond her beauty is a sweet, gentle woman desperately needing to be loved. But when an internal investigation points to her, he realizes Judith may not be as innocent as she appears. Left wondering if he’s been duped by a pretty face and a bewitching smile, Carlos finds himself torn between his obligations to Royal Courts or protecting the woman who’s already stolen his heart.

On the run from her past and forced into hiding, Judith is faced with two choices—either let fear define her future or allow love to heal her wounded heart.
Want even more? Check out the excerpt on my website! And sign up for my mailing list to stay updated on release dates or add to your Goodreads shelf. Don't forget to check out the other blogs on this hop and enter for the $75 grand prize giveaway! #HopwithHeart

**Leave a comment about the romance book you're reading this fall for a chance to win a free e-copy of book 2 in the Queen Quartette series, HIS BEDPOST QUEEN.**

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Monday, September 1, 2014

A Fresh Start

Welcome September!

Fall is finally here and I just love this time of year. And it's not because I'm a fall-baby. The air just seems more cool, crisp and refreshing. A time to hit the restart button and take chances, maybe embark on something new, before the year ends.

Available for pre-order!
All Romance eBook

This fall is a chance for me to continue on my publishing journey and move forward with the releases of my Queen series despite the unexpected delays this summer. I'm now on book 3, QUEEN OF HIS HEART, and am excited for it's new--never in print--release on September 25th. It's available for pre-order now and on sale for $2.99 (regular price $4.99) until 9/25.

Book 4, HIS DIAMOND QUEEN, is slated for release in October, during which I will be having my series release party. Stay tuned for more info on that! I have a few more surprises in the works this fall but one thing at a time, right? =)

In the meantime, enjoy the new, fresh season and be sure to make it count!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hot Days, Hotter Nights Giveaway Hop + Exclusive Excerpt!

Now available in print!
Welcome to the Hot Days, Hotter Nights Blog Hop!

Summer is coming to an end and I'm excited to be participating in this hot and sexy blog hop. Below is a sexy excerpt from my latest release, HIS BEDPOST QUEEN. Enjoy!

**Warning: Excerpt below is for mature audience only.**
She tugged off his shirt and jerked down the waistband of his pants, fully baring the deep V that led to the shadowy juncture of his hidden bulge. He stepped away from her and pulled them completely off in short time. She got only a glimpse of his glorious body before he came back to her and yanked at her thin panties. The delicate material snapped under his force, and he tossed it aside.

She was no more concerned about the destroyed underwear than he was. Wrapping her hand around his erection, she applied gentle pressure until he groaned. The feel of his smooth, hard shaft beneath her palm excited her. Satin wrapped around steel. That’s what he felt like.

He grabbed the short strands of her hair and tilted her head back, exposing her neck fully for his hungry lips. He sucked gently at the tender spot and she released a ragged breath. Trailing his lips along the curve of her neck, he stopped close to her ear and murmured, “Tell me your name, gorgeous.”

With a wicked grin, she applied a bit more pressure around him. He sucked in a sharp breath. His desire not only aroused her, it also made her bold.

“I think I want you to beg for it,” she breathed.

With her head still tilted back, he gently bit down on the edge of her jaw then lightly passed his tongue over the faint stinging. “Sweetheart, I’ve never begged for anything.”
Now available in print!
I hope you enjoyed the excerpt! Don't forget to check out my website for more on this steamy series. =)

What's the hottest thing you've done this summer? Leave a comment letting me know and two lucky commenters will get a chance to win an e-book copy of HIS BEDPOST QUEEN from Amazon. And enter in the Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win an autographed print copy of HIS FLOWER QUEEN.
**Bonus** To celebrate the print edition of my latest releases, I'm offering a limited time 20% discount (to be used in the Createspace store only) for both the Queen Quartette books. Enter code: HT8LJ7WN at the checkout!

And be sure to enter the Grand Prize Rafflecopter below for a chance to win some more great prizes, including a Kindle Fire and a $100 gift card!
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Also, be sure to check out more HOT blog posts below!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello August!

It's August--the last month to a very eventful, trying, unpredictable, and yes, HOT summer. I don't know what to say besides man, does time fly! (Whether you're having fun or not.)

Though, I would have loved for the initial publishing schedule for my new series to have been met, I would much rather have them come out later in the utmost quality then fast with mediocre results.

In happier news, books 1 and 2 of the Queen Quartette are now available! And book 3 is coming real soon with book 4 to follow immediately after. I'm happy with how the series has turned out and the response from readers have been overall positive, which is all I can ask for more. =)

What's to come this month?
-Goodreads Giveaway of 5 autographed copies of book 1, HIS FLOWER QUEEN (ends August 31st)
-Print version of book 2, HIS BEDPOST QUEEN, will be available mid-month (sign up for my mailing list to receive exclusive discounts!)
-Lastly, look out for more news and excerpts from book 3, QUEEN OF HIS HEART

In the meantime, enjoy the series teaser (in case you missed it)!
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